123Bee – Deep Sea Cage Escape

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Deep Sea Cage Escape is the latest Room Escape games from 123Bee, the author of School Bus Escape, Adventure Escape 3, Zoo Escape,  Play School Escape, Animal Cage Escape, Rescue and Escape, Wood House Escape, Santa Escape 2009 and many more.  Good Luck!

By Eric

current rating 3.67


6 Comments to 123Bee – Deep Sea Cage Escape

  1. monte says:

    i got pretty far. once i got tank, i got key fom shark but then ran out of air. i iwll try again latter today

  2. P says:

    Game is buggy/jumpy

  3. Scout88 says:

    Seems very buggy. Everytime I click it seems to freeze up for a second making it hard to navigate. When I try to use something from the inventory the screen turns brown and then I can’t exit out of it. Anyone else having these problems?

  4. Scout88 says:

    Well I gave it another go and it seems like the kinks have been worked out. Had to start over several times since there is a time limit. You really need to know where to find things so you aren’t searching once you start using the oxygen tank. When you click on an inventory object that can be combined, the screen turns brown and then you drag the objects up there.

  5. gabby says:


  6. cait says:

    i cant even find the play game button