Paradise Beach

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You have been selected to become the manager of some of the world’s leading beach resorts in Paradise Beach, a fun and exciting Strategy game!

Create your dream retreat as you construct buildings, plant pretty foliage, and even design the layout of your peaceful getaways.

Travel to different islands and use your imagination to keep your customers nice and relaxed as you plot the perfect Paradise Beach!

  • Unique, engaging and challenging gameplay.
  • Many small features that require constant attention.
  • Hidden Object mini-games.
  • Unique.
  • Construct Paradise Beach!
WindowsPlay FREE for one hour or Order the FULL version
Mac OsPlay FREE for an hour or Order the FULL version

By Eric

current rating 4.84


2 Comments to Paradise Beach

  1. Gemmaina says:

    it is available in mac, if you go on the downloads website and go on mac gaming and look for paradise beach. Buy ore play free for one hour. I bought it!
    Edit: links updated, thanks!

  2. Jen says:

    The game is a constant challenge, and never the same. The graphics are wicked. The only problem is that the game takes so long to load. I find the more plants and employees hired, the faster the beach rating goes up.

    Do not overbuild, because the cost of repairs outweighs the amount of guests served. You can move employees from area to area, and that seems to help get a better rating without having to hire employees all the time. The custodians are one of the most important.

    The Engineers will cover repairs, but the cost of the repair is still deducted when the Engineer does the work, so they are most helpful as you move to a new development area. Leave some of them to keep up the old area’s repairs.

    Try to do your upgrades on major facilities towards the end of the round. The repairs are way more expensive after the facility is upgraded. Sometimes it is cheaper to demolish the facility and rebuild than to fix them.