Gazzyboy – Biology Lab Escape

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Biology Lab Escape is another Room Escape game from Gazzyboy. In this one, you play a student who find himself locked in a biology lab. First mission: turn on the light! Once it’s done, look around closely, search for useful items and eventually escape from the lab! Good Luck!

By Eric

current rating 2.41


3 Comments to Gazzyboy – Biology Lab Escape

  1. jaquim says:

    too easy

  2. newbie says:

    What made it harder was the password system. Show

    Plus I had a hard time guessing it due to my own fault of misspelling part of it. Once spelt wrong but entered I had ticked it off my list of potential passwords and became stuck. It also had some annoying parts where you must place things in the right order despite if it was real life it wouldn’t matter.

    However I thought it was a nice game that lacks thought in its user interface. No mind bending puzzles and no pixel hunting. You can logically work it out or at least understand once you do the right thing. If that makes it easy, I like easy games.

  3. goldie says:

    W.T. please????