Monotone 3

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Monotone 3 is a Japanese Room Escape game all in black and white (well almost) and all in Japanese (well almost, again). You find yourself locked in an unknown room, with no idea how to get out of here.  What the heck, there is no door in this room!? Have fun!

Monotone 3 walkthrough (thanks sssone!)

By Eric

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13 Comments to Monotone 3

  1. Josine says:

    Hmmm…. I can’t find the number of the green shape (needed for the last code). Anyone playing?

  2. nokra says:

    Beautiful, logical,challenging,and the language is NO barrier!
    Play this game…you will not be disappointed!

  3. Josine says:

    And out! Nice game :)

    BTW you can find the green number Show

  4. CJ says:

    where is the blue #?

  5. Scout88 says:

    Cute little game, but tricky at times. Lots of random clicking and unusual steps to take, but worth the effort. Never did find the number of the blue shape for the last 2-digits of the code, but worked it out by trial and error. There must be different endings possible. Show

  6. Scout88 says:

    Did anyone find a way to Show

  7. Knotaklu says:


    Hint: Show

    Clue: Show

  8. Scout88 says:

    Finally got ‘special thanks’ ending! Show

  9. Krista says:

    Where is the screw driver? Please : )

  10. Scout88 says:

    @Krista Show

  11. MiniTaurus says:

    I can’t find the last code but made it by trial and error


  12. sssone says:

    one of the codes can be found (a bit tricky)


  13. sssone says:

    walkthough. you can save things to your book if you click on the item.


    code for stove drawer