Restaurant Rush

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Heidi has graduated from Burger Rush, and now she wants to become a famous chef.

The pressure cooker’s on to create fabulous dishes in her cooking school.

Grease the skillet and prepare 50 international recipes like Filet Mignon, Dim Sum, and Pizza Marinara.

Visit the new Farmer’s Market for fresh ingredients and use the jukebox to help customers like Supergeek feel right at home.

Restaurant Rush combines Match 3 game-play with Time Management strategy in 80 mouthwatering levels.

  • Match 3 cooking showdown.
  • Tasty levels.
  • Meet zany new customers.
  • Greatly expanded cuisine and recipes.
  • New gameplay elements and strategies.
  • Fun graphics and new customers.
  • Multiple endings.
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Mac OsNot available

By Eric

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10 Comments to Restaurant Rush

  1. Yaelle Glenn says:

    It would be a pretty darn good game but there’s one thing that pretty much spoils the entire thing: you cannot go back & replay a level or change things after you do them. So if you make any mistakes or poor choices, you could end up all the way on a very, very far level (& there are Many different restaurants & goals in each) then just be completely out of luck. I could be wrong but I’ve played on 2 different files – one made it about half way & that happened, on another I made it around 80% of the way through the whole game. Then I guess I should have upgraded differently than I did & there’s almost no way to meet the goals of the levels now.
    Its a shame because if not for that, the game would be great.

  2. T.L.F. says:

    I agree with Yaelle Glenn! I am running into the same problem! I have replayed the same level dozens and dozens of times and can’t get past it…..must have made poor choices earlier. bummer…..

  3. Ro0sz says:

    I agree with both T.L.F. and Yaelle Glenn. I can’t get past this one level, lol. I played it like 300 times and it didn’t get me any further.

  4. SHELLBELL says:


  5. Missi Davis says:

    Me too Shellbell. I can NOT make it through the first Mexican restaurant, even though all my ingrediants are upgraded and I have a faily decent menu. It seems like this game hates me! At that level, it’s still putting out most of my cheap recipes and not my more expensive ones. I have played this game dozens of times only to get stuck on one level. Now I have’t paid much attention to upgrading my machines, so maybe that’s the ticket. And as for the Rockstar, I hate him :)

  6. The Burger Eater says:

    yeah.. you’re guys are right. I played this game several times, and several way to try. And on my last try, there 2 restaurants remaining on lunar station. But thats it. I can’t go any further. At that level, (chinese restaurant), the cheapest recipe keep showing and showing.. I noticed there only 3 times, my most expensive recipe show up. What happend then ? I still can’t finish the game, with only 2 restaurants left. And I really hate this… Oh yes, I lost about 50 tokens for buying a song, that make the game crashed. I can’t used the song, but my 50 tokens lost… Any cheats will be appreciated

  7. Brooke says:

    Yeah I hear all of you! I constantly get stuck on levels too primarily the ones with mexican food! Ugh it can be so frustrating Burger Rush was a lot easier.

  8. aelithe says:

    i finished it in one try…what i did was to get the top french, italian, and mexican recipes, maxed out the soup and soda machine, maxed out my ingredients, got the most expensive song (30 tokens) and spent the rest of the tokens on the decent recipes (american/chinese/italian/mexican/french) so i could survive

    you won’t really need the desserts that much so i advice not to spend too much money on them :)

    i only got the 2nd best ending though…playing my 2nd try now so i can get all the most expensive recipes (they retain the recipes you obtained from your first completed game) :D

  9. number1thorn says:

    i did the whole game but not on the aracade mode and cant get past level 16 i have been playing it for 4 days now. can anyone help

  10. raman says:

    i have tried the game many times but i cant go further