DooDoo Tour Departure

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DooDoo Tour is the latest Point’n’Click Adventure game from Andrey Anisimov (10 DooDoo Clicks, DooDoo Safe, Concertalino).

“I do not wish to work! I am bored to death with it! I need a vacation! I shall raise money, buy a tour and go on a journey.”

And we all know that it won’t be easy!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.18


17 Comments to DooDoo Tour Departure

  1. anna says:

    first and done

  2. Jodie says:

    stuck please help

  3. Tom says:

    Well done Anna – I can’t even get past the travel agent
    What do I need besides Show

    to get money? – totally stuck

  4. Tom says:

    ok, worked it out!

  5. hannes says:

    code for the safe do not work, help!!! date is 25 year 2008

  6. hannes says:

    now it’s works

  7. hannes says:

    I’m stuck on the end. What to do with the magazine?

  8. monte says:

    how did yo uget the safe open. I got alot of stuff. still need to get the wig from the store lady, but have no idea how to do that either. I put on the mustach and got some other items, but where is the code for the safe? also why can we click on the pendant

  9. monte says:

    finally got the wig, give lady the flowers picture and card to get a phone number at the airport. then you can get thte wig. I still can not open the safe and i have also been arrested for trying to leave the airport with my info

  10. Knotaklu says:

    Says I’m a ‘Loser’ and to play again.

    Never could get into safe or get a coat from driver or woman at desk
    ( Things I think I needed for my disguise )

    Good Luck everyone, I await a walk through to show me what I did wrong. I just can’t play it again.

  11. KUKY says:

    why can’t open the safe.this game drive me CRAZY.HELP!!!

  12. Knotaklu says:

    Safe code: Her birth date

    Day from calender date from office / month from Zodiac pendent / Year from green book minus her age (25)

    You can escape (In a big jet plane), but then it says “To be continued”

    I don’t think I’ll be playing that one. My head hurts too much from this one.

  13. Josesita says:

    I feel really stupid…. i cant do anything!!! totally stuck!
    i have Show

    I have already Show

    What to do next?
    any help??

  14. monte says:

    put the hat under the picture, leave and come back and take the money to the travel agent guy

  15. jojo says:

    To open the safe: you MUST zoom in on the PASSWORD card (next to teapot)

  16. goldie says:

    Yes I did it. I play this game 3 days, beautiful game, thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for posting!!.

  17. monte says:

    antone figure out how to finish please post. I have mustach, wig and a full suitcase. can not give the suitcase to the guy at the airport. totally confused.