Dutch Escape 3

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Dutch Escape 3Dutch Espace 3 is a new Room Escape game in 3D from teamorangecountry.tk. Click the left side of the game window to turn right and vice versa. The first question you should ask is where is the PC connected to the monitor? Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in the comments. Thanks Johnny!

By Eric

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28 Comments to Dutch Escape 3

  1. nobody says:

    Is this a joke????????????…need some help…like alot of help..plz

  2. nobody says:

    PHEW..made it!

  3. Bob says:


  4. TheProdigy says:

    What the hell? There’s nothing to click. Someone give me a hint.

  5. TheProdigy says:

    Okay, I got somewhere.


  6. nate says:

    what the hell…. im stuck it wont let me look away from the pig bird picture on the wall?????

  7. TheProdigy says:

    Sweet, I figured something else out:


  8. me says:

    I need Help!!!!!, how u did it?

  9. confuzzed says:

    Sooo, does anyone KNOW how to get out??

  10. gdog says:

    So far I have opened the safe and got the key to the file cabinet. Now i’m stuck. Any clues??? Please help.

  11. nobody says:

    when u open the safe u get a key, look carefully on the letters in of the cars names..much easyier than u think..gl!

  12. nobody says:

    if anyone has a soloution for the game Rooms by Kim, (level 14 I´m stuck for hours)..I appreciate it!

  13. Jenna says:

    can someone just post a walkthrough???

  14. Kurt says:

    OK here you are.


  15. TheProdigy says:

    I could have sworn I tried that exact combo three days ago and it didn’t work….I’ll try again.

  16. TheProdigy says:

    Oh I see, I didn’t do it in all caps. Damn. Oh well, I had it right.

  17. sam says:

    i dunno how to get to the computer how do u get there!!!!

  18. mee says:

    how do u get to the computer

  19. Jenna says:

    ummm…. honestly? are you really supposed to win this game?

  20. Johnny says:

    Here is the HUGE walkthrough:

  21. George says:

    Wow that was well hard. The best bit wasit dosen’t involve the book case or tons of items Show

  22. CAN'T TELL! says:

    That was really easy here’s a complete walkthrough


  23. Josh mallier says:

    10 second way of winning! Show

  24. Josh mallier says:

    error in my last comment you need to press the bottom program (i think)

  25. CoDy says:



  26. deb says:


  27. chris says:

    what is the link?

  28. mookie says: