Kaitai Dismantlement – Mouse

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Kaitai Dismantlement - MouseKaitai Dismantlement - MouseKaitai Dismantlement – Mouse is the third installment in the Kaitai Dismantlement series  from Gam.eBB.

In this Point’n’Click puzzle game, as its name says, you will have to dismantle a computer mouse. To do so, you only have a screwdriver.

And your brain.

And that’s it! Now the question is: why would you take apart this mouse?

Have fun!

Kaitai Dismantlement – Mouse walkthroughs here and there (thanks White Wolf and Snowman!)

By Eric

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26 Comments to Kaitai Dismantlement – Mouse

  1. MiniTaurus says:

    This dismantlement series is great ot w/ 2 boom

  2. 123gurl says:

    i’m stuck

  3. David says:

    stuck on part where Show

  4. dg says:

    @David Show

  5. Jeff says:

    I can’t get anything to work…stuck on scene 1

  6. Daglock says:

    Hi, I’m stuck where Show


  7. Jeff says:

    How do you get past the opening scene?? I have clicked eveywhere and nothing is happening.

  8. Reka says:

    Jeff, Show

    I’m stuck at the same place as David, or possibly one step later: Show

    The code I found through trial and error: Show

  9. Jeff says:

    Ohhhhhhh okay…thanks. Now I can contunue

  10. dg says:

    @David – sorry – scratch that. Has anybody figured out the 4-letter code at the bottom?

  11. Daglock says:

    Maybe I didn’t understand, but I tried Show

    I’m still stuck.

  12. Reka says:

    @dg, are you sure you’re talking about the same thing we are? Show

  13. Reka says:

    Attacking the letter code next: Show

  14. Simply the best says:

    not working :(

  15. Daglock says:

    about the thing above resistors, before getting to the letter code Show

  16. Daglock says:

    I meant the number code ^^

  17. dg says:

    @Reka: yes – I made a mistake – I thought David was asking about the 5 mouse-button symbols at the right.

  18. Simply the best says:

    goes up to 65% then nowt

  19. Killvearn says:


  20. White Wolf says:

    I was stuck at first… :0)

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    8. Show

    9. Show

    Hope that helps ya!

    • Veetwo says:

      It’s VILO because if you take away V from W, it’s V; E from 8 is I, I from 4 is L, I from O with a line through it is O. c:

  21. Titania says:

    @ White Wolf: letter code logic

  22. White Wolf says:

    Ahhhh….. Love it.. Thanks.
    Almost as bad as the digital to anilog clock puzzle awhile back.

  23. dg says:

    Killvearn & White Wolf – thanks!

  24. Snowman says:

    Walkthrough: Kaitai Dismantlement

    1 – Dismantle the back of the mouse!

    2 – Dismantle the scroll wheel!

    3 – Insert the number code!

    4 – Dismantle the white ball and its holder!

    5 – Solve the letter code/Dismantle the code!

    6 – Dismantle the highest part of the mouse!

    7 – Dismantle the back of the mouse!

    8 – Survive the time bomb!

    Congratulations, you have completed Kaitai Dismantlement!