Jet Speed

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Jet SpeedJet SpeedJet Speed is a fast side scrolling shooter created by the author of Silversphere and The Missile Game 3D, Damien Clarke.

“Controlling crime can be a very difficult job – especially with felons like you around. Fly your jet craft down the freeway at wild speeds. Your aim is to destroy as many tanker trucks as possible without crashing into the oncoming traffic.”

Use the arrow keys to control your ship and press spacebar to fire a missile. Press P to pause the game.

Jet Speed is an original shooter: you only have a maximum of five missiles in the game and you need to destroy a tanker truck to refill your health and your missile stocks. So don’t expect to destroy a lot of obstacles in this game or you will be quickly disappointed!

After you get used to the control and the speed of your ship, the game becomes exciting and addictive. But if Jet Speed is nicely done, I strongly recommend not to play this game more than just a few minutes, if you don’t want to get a headache! You’ve been forewarned…

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50


2 Comments to Jet Speed

  1. pole says:

    nice game, worth the try

  2. TheProdigy says:

    Wow, this game is awesome!