Escape Charcoal Room

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Escape Charcoal RoomEscape Charcoal RoomEscape Charcoal Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia.

“Rupert has been captured, and is being held for Vito the Extractor.

Help him escape the torture to come!”

Is this one easy? Knowing Paskapet, I doubt it!

Have fun!

Escape Charcoal Room walkthroughs here and there (thanks Reka and Victor!)

By Eric

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127 Comments to Escape Charcoal Room

  1. Kim says:

    Im missing one bullet, everyone says there is one in the toilet but i can’t seem to get it!?

  2. Blondiie says:

    IDK what I’m doing… The matches keep burning out and I can’t light the rocket that I got from the t.v. channel!!! I have been throwing the used matches that have burnt out into the toilet so I can keep trying but I can’t light it… IDK if I have all the bullets, though.

  3. myzelf says:

    dang… almost got it…. though i still need to figure out the bulls and cows game….

    @kim, you might wanna look a bit higher than the seet

  4. myzelf says:

    @ blondiie, did you put the rocket in the broken bottle yet?

  5. Victor says:

    btw, in HARD mode , poster girl bares her breast after opening the safe ;) he he

  6. Merlina says:

    anyone know what is harder though in the other modes? are there more clues to find or just less clickable pixels?

  7. Reka says:

    The big difference between modes is the safe code. Show

    I’ve solved the safe code in hard mode, but now Show

  8. Reka says:

    Figured it out: Show

    So to summarize, the difference between medium mode and hard mode: Show

  9. myzelf says:

    you can also give the poster lady the wodka, she’ll fall of the poster

  10. myzelf says:

    how do you stack the pillows… i did do it yesterday… but i can’t seem to be able to do it today

  11. myzelf says:

    ah, figgured it out now to the safe :)

  12. Blondiie says:

    Heyy! :)

  13. Blondiie says:

    I need a good walkthrough!!! please… I am going crazy, here. hahaha ;)

  14. DNOMN8R says:


  15. Blondiie says:

    Thanx BNOMN8R!!! I’ll check them out… ;)

  16. Blondiie says:

    The walkthroughs do nto come through because the Secure School pop-up doesn’t allow me onto it. Sorry but thanx anyways!!!

  17. dg says:

    @Reka: to climb the pillows in hard mode Show

  18. dg says:

    Reka and Victor: many thanks for you walkthroughs!

    Some guidelines for the bulls & cows puzzle in hard mode: Show

    To get the paper Show

    To light the fuse: Show

    In hard mode, don’t get distracted by Show

  19. DNOMN8R says:

    OK, did it in hard!

  20. kj says:

    how do you get the rocket

  21. kj says:

    wat do you do with the rocket

  22. Shiza says:

    how to figure out safecode i dont know i readthe book my numbers are
    (hard version)
    239150 1b3c
    073698 1b3c
    846371 2b1c
    071258 0b3c
    507829 2b2c

  23. Abaybay:D says:

    i dont know what the code…errrr:[

  24. breezy says:

    to stack pillows, click the right pillow and then quickly click the left corner of the left pillow :)

  25. breezy says:

    code :) Show

  26. KATE says:

    i give up
    i can’t solve the puzzle(bull nd cow game).its toooooo hard:((((((