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Frost BiteFrost BiteFrost Bite is a brand new platform game developed by Mat and his talented team at Nitrome.

You find yourself in a mountainous world with a grappling gun and the goal here is to get to the top of each hill or mountain to progress to the next level.

Controls are a combination of mouse and keys: use the arrow keys to move around and jump and use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. You can shoot enemies to grab them and ledges to pull yourself higher up.

Collect bonus and kill monsters to score points. Catch the five ‘B.O.N.U.S.’ letter in each level to get an additional 2500 points.

The difficulty level is fairly progressive, with the early stages being very easy, and the later levels much more difficult (the seventh one is really tough!). Don’t miss the restart flags in the last four levels: if you loose a life, you won’t have to restart the level from the beginning, but from the last flag you touched.

Frost Bite is probably not the most innovative game released by Nitrome so far, but one of their most stylish titles. My only complaint is that there are only 10 levels in the game and we would have really appreciated a few more!

Overall, Frost Bite is another excellent game from Nitrome that I would highly recommend to anyone who likes platform games!

Have fun!

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By Eric

current rating 4.50


7 Comments to Frost Bite – Nitrome

  1. nina says:

    need help on 7th level

  2. IM STUCKK says:

    Hi, I reealllyy need help on Mt. Neverest where the snowballs come again!! :( :(

  3. selk says:

    how do you beat the boss on level 10?

  4. Fangs_Up! says:


  5. foxeycool says:

    i too need help on lvl 7 i got past the first 2 rooms but always die on third

  6. Toxic Terminator says:

    Argh! Keep dying on Level 7-3!
    Stupid Snowballs!

  7. Spoilerofeverything says:

    To defeat the final boss