Full Moon

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Full MoonFull Moon, the latest puzzle game from Bart Bonte (The Bonte Room, Factory balls) , is live! “The fullest moon, a rabbit with desires, can you bring satisfaction? Explore, point, click, drag, drop!” Very cool and nice game, on the easy side, but too bad it’s so short! Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Gissa says:

    What to do in the music scene? :o

  2. Gissa says:

    oh got it like the same minute i posted the comment 8) fun game!

  3. sssone says:

    what a fun game, not very hard, has approx 10 levels, different and entertaining

  4. Andy says:

    Neat game… though I got stuck on the scene with the 4 owls in the tree when the bunny wants the apple. I don’t see anything clickable outside of the bunny itself.

  5. Grootmoeder says:

    Out, nice game, not too difficult


  6. denise says:

    I have problem with the 4 owls on a line. What do I have to do to get it solved please. Thanks in advance.

    • dogirl says:

      you just leave on the ones where the owls eyes are open and turn off the lights where there eye is closed

  7. amelia says:

    how do i get past the acorn one????

  8. amelia says:

    How do I get past acorn one?

  9. Prid says:


    I have finally Returned. I was too tired to write anything, but I just couldn’t let this place be what it is. So I’m finally back :)


    – Level 1 –

    – Level 2 –

    – Level 3 –

    – Level 4 –

    – Level 5 –

    – Level 6 –

    – Level 7 –

    – Level 8 –

    – Level 9 –

    – Level 10 –

    – Level 11 –

    – Level 12 –

    – Level 13 –

    Please tell me if this was helpful or not, because I used alot of time explaining hard puzzles. So please enjoy :D

  10. Reka says:


    Level 1 (carrot)

    Level 2 (pear)

    Level 3 (apple)

    Level 4 (acorn)

    Level 5 (apple)

    Level 6 (pear)

    Level 7 (acorn)

    Level 8 (apple)

    Level 9 (acorn)

    Level 10 (apple)

    Level 11 (acorn)

    Level 12 (pear)

    Level 13 (music)

  11. Reka says:

    I like this game, btw. :)

    If you can, try to solve each level yourself, it’s much more fun that way.

  12. Woody says:

    Nice game,only needed help on the last bit!Cute!

  13. hilman says:

    nice and cute..
    love it..
    stuck @ level 8 & 13, thanks for the walkthrough :)

  14. Knotaklu says:

    @Prid, Thanks (again) for #13, but please tell me how you got there.
    Spent time, off and on, for two days with nothing.

  15. Prid says:

    @Knotaklu: You’re welcome (again), but I didn’t acutally understand your question. Could you please describe a bit more??


  16. Knotaklu says:

    I was wondering how you arrived at the answer for Level #13. I tried many many different combinations and just couldn’t get it. Following your W/T is great, but I’d like to understand how it was solved also.

  17. Prid says:

    @Knotaklu: I don’t really know, the first time I played that level (did the whole game by myself), I just clicked on all of the Bulbs and I thought I’d have to play that level for a hour just to solve it. I just clicked the Owl, and the level restarted (was going to refresh page)!

    I clicked on one Bulb and 6 Bulbs turned On, and I was thinking if I could do this all the way because there are 4 rows, and 3 Bulbs turned On row 1 & row 2 – I tried this all the way to the right from left, and got all the Bulbs to be turned on, on Row 1 & 2! Then, I just did the same with the last row, like I did on 1st Row. I did it like the 2 last rows were mirror images for the 2 top rows. And when I completed the level, I thought: “Was it that easy?”

  18. Reka says:

    Knotaklu, Show

  19. Hochi says:

    for the bulbs one, just click the top one, it lights up 3 to the side and 2 down, click the bottom one directly below the one you just clicked, and you have a 6×4 square, do this all the way.

  20. Lou says:

    Thank you for the walk through! It was really helpful!

  21. DOA says:

    OK I made the mistake of trying to turn the lights into this shape ♫. That is not what you are supposed to do.

  22. Kingsy says:

    thanks Reka and Prid awesome game cute grapics lots of fun 8]

  23. Kingsy says:

    Reka, i couldnt understand how to get to the points. more descriptive???

  24. Kingsy says:

    Prid you explained lvl 12 REALLY well good job!!!

  25. xpress says:

    Like DOA, some of us spent eons trying to arrange the lights into muscial notes. First I tried with the illuminated lights being the notes, and then with the unlit portion being the notes. Very discouraging. Thank you Prid for the help. It was too bad because I was able to get every level except the last one. I sincerely loved the game though.

  26. shelby says:

    i hate this game i cant get past the one level with the three bunnies lol not cool