The Glean of Glob

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The Glean of GlobThe Glean of Glob is a surreal Point’n’Click adventure game created by Ricky Haggett and Daniel Baker. “The Glean of Glob features haunting, dreamlike sound and visuals, and gameplay that invites the player to experiment with the strange logic of the Glob world.” Weird game! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


6 Comments to The Glean of Glob

  1. Patricia says:

    Stuck at the point with the jumping brown humanoids…

  2. jackivee says:

    Very bizzare; first, Show

    wait a few minutes and pass to the second screen. Next,Show

    Slowly, birds will appear. Return to first screen and birds willShow

    so little people can cross the bridge and continue to the third screen. There they will Show

    A fire ball will appear; Show

    Little shirts will come out of the hole. Show

    They will walk to first screen and pick up the “bomb.” Follow them there and then to the last screen and Show

    and you will have uncovered the Glean of Glob!

  3. Lindsii says:

    I liked this game :) but it was short :(

  4. nick says:

    screw it.

    the four guys just keep jumping off screen.

  5. spi says:

    strange game…
    easy and short
    the goal is to destroy all the things…. really bizzare

  6. Jason Oldfield says:

    anyone figure out how to get the stick men back from when they jump offscreen to the right?