Hospital Escape

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Hospital EscapeIn Hospital Escape, another game from Merlin Perez Gore, “you escaped the hotel lobby in Hotel Escape 3, but little did you know that you would be stuck in an operating room in a hospital.” Obviously, I missed this one by a few weeks! Shame on me! Have fun!

Hospital Escape walkthrough (thanks Dwinged!)

By Eric

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42 Comments to Hospital Escape

  1. Patricia says:

    Am I the only one playing?

  2. Sylli says:

    Attention, attention! For my “friend Lizzy”!

    This is a list of found objects!

    Pills (swallowed), 2 paper, 4 blue bottles

  3. Alexa Karuda says:

    Where is the test tube? I read the walkthrough, so I know which frame to look in (I think), but I can’t see it anywhere….

  4. Alexa Karuda says:

    POP. Found it, finally.

  5. Alexa Karuda says:

    And, out. Btw, the test tube was Show

    A bit of a pixel-hunt there.

  6. goldie says:

    Out, nice game.

  7. Dwinged says:



  8. DNOMN8R says:

    Here’s another walkthrough.

    • joe lillard says:

      when i try to put the surcose and sodium benzoate and put it in the syringe it wont work! i click both once and the syringe twice and it doesnt do anything

    • joe lillard says:

      oh well still beat it

    • Cara says:

      When I click on the surcose and sodium benzoate then the syringe twice, it doesnt work ! How can I get it to work ?

      • jon says:

        i skipped the drug and syringe part, just enter username and password into the computer and the door opens without mixing the drugs.

        username: Show

        password: Show

  9. pufiatXXXXXX says:

    where is the table????

  10. cynthia osborne says:

    how does anyone enter to play the game with a ad in the opening game pg where you click play to play the game ?

  11. Michelle says:

    How do you click on the bottles and syringe? When I do nothing happens

  12. hyson says:

    im clicking the botles nd nothing is happening, im getting pissed off

    • Seannn says:

      agreeed if you figure it out please let me knoo

    • Cameron says:

      yeah, there has got to be a bug with this game because, even when you follow a walkthrough, combining the correct substances does not work.

  13. Dominic says:

    THE BOTTLES AND SYRINGE DON’T WORK! how am I supposed to barf if i can’t touch the bottles or syringe? does anyone have an answer

  14. Dominic says:

    I’m alive!in hell, in a hospital ,awaiting a comment, to help me ,as long as needed!

  15. Cara says:

    Where do you find the notes ?

  16. kaycee says:

    why doesn’t any 1 freakin know how to put the bottles together i need to know how to do that O_O”

  17. Seannn says:

    this game is screwedddd, you cant get past the part when you have to make the mix of chemicals

  18. josh roy says:

    were is that @#$%# sarynge

  19. c says:

    yeah, this game must have a bug, the chemicals do not work! I hope they fix it because it is incredibly frustrating

  20. josh says:

    yea, chemicals don’t combine. annoying.

  21. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    password to computer is Show

  22. Josiah says:

    I too had trouble mixing the drugs and using the syringe, but I found a version of the game that works here

  23. elvira says:

    thanks Josiah for this version
    works fine

  24. jgbhurhbv says:

    this isn’t a real game

  25. tink says:

    Thanks Josiah :’)

  26. A^2 says:

    I think I found out why the game won’t let us mix the substances. Apparently the original creator of the game sold it to a friend who must have sold it to someone else, for I couldn’t find the hospital escape on their website. I have come to the conclusion that the new author must have tried to change the game but epically failed.

  27. yemon says:

    anyone know where the ******* pills are?? i am at the table and i keep clicking everywhere, but nope, no pilss

  28. noah says:

    the syringe is behind the cabnit that says i need a key

  29. noah says:

    wheres the last note

  30. Megan says:

    How do u lick the door 2 get out!

  31. TyW says:

    wats the username for the computer? the bottles dont work so i just wanna skip past it! please someone tell me!!!!