Life Ark 4

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Life Ark 4Life Ark 4If you like Point’n’Click puzzle games, don’t miss Life Ark 4, the next installment in the Life Ark series from Free World Group!

“Your escape from the desert moon in Life Ark 3 has had dire consequences for the universe you currently find yourself in!

It has turned into an eating machine, consuming this universe at an exponential rate. How could things come to this?  Tragedy and disaster follow you at every turn!  Have things come full circle?

You’re objective is to escape this universe and find another one capable of sustaining your species!”

Have fun!

Life Ark 4 walkthrough (thanks Snowman!)

Life Ark 4 video walkthrough (thanks Tass!)

By Eric

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18 Comments to Life Ark 4

  1. Prid says:

    Video Walkthrough


  2. Reka says:

    I won on my second try, but I have no idea how. (I did the same exact things with different results each time, and there was one puzzle where it suddenly just accepted my solution even though it wasn’t correct as far as I could tell.)

  3. geez says:

    Finished this on my first attempt. It was hard to understand the column puzzle. I just followed the sample and it let me pass.

  4. Snowman says:

    1: Show

    2: Show

    3: Show


    4: Show

    5: Show

    6: Show

    7: Show

    8: Show

    9: Show

    10: Show

    11: Show

    12: Show


    13: Show

    14: Show

    15: Show

    16: Show


    17: Show

    18: Show

    19: Show

    20: Show

    21: Show

    22: Show

    23: Show

    24: Show

    25: Show


    26: Show

    27: Show

  5. nick says:

    more like 3 okay puzzles, and click the hell out of everything.

    btw- you have to make the cloud match the box

  6. Tasselfoot says:

    Once again, my video for this game is in-game… done on contract from FWG.

    Official Video Walkthrough For Life Ark 4

  7. Kayla says:

    Why did the green alien have to die?! That’s so sad!

  8. Reka says:

    Triangle puzzle? What triangle puzzle? Show

  9. blah. says:

    can someone plz help with the column and rows puzzle? its so hard and i cant get it =/

  10. Prid says:

    @blah.: You Must Complete The Amount The Row Or Column Has, The One You Pass Or You’re On! Example:

    I Start On A Corner, And The Row Is 3, And The Column Is 1, Which Means That I Can Only Move Once On The Whole Column, But I Have To Move 3 Times On The Row, If I Move 4 Times Or 2 Times, It Won’t Work! But When I Move 3 Times Right, On The Row With The Number 3, I Pass One Column And Land On Another One! If The Columns I Passed Were: 2 & 4, Then I Have To Complete Them Too! The Tile I Am Standing On, It’s Column Has The Number 4, And The One Before 2! I Can Simply Just Move Once Down And Turn Left, Then I’ll Complete The Column With The Number 2, But I Won’t Complete The Column With Number, 4! And Another Problem, I’ll Also Pass By A Row With The Number 1! So I’ll Just Turn Down And Right! But Then I’ll Have 3 Tiles Completed Under A Column With The Number 2, So That’ll Just Be Total Failure!

    That Was Just An Example!


  11. Prid says:

    @Tasselfoot: Maybe You Get To Make Walkthrough Videos Before The Games Come Out, But I Do Something Else, Which Takes Alot Of Time, Something You Wouldn’t! Making TEXT WALKTHROUGHS! That’s What Most Of The People Prefer!


  12. nick says:

    i gotta admit- the text walkthrough is better.

    the video one doesn’t do anything to explain how the puzzles work or are to be solved, and since the numbers, colors, etc are randomized each time, the video is all but useless.

  13. Reka says:

    Prid, I Simply Can’t Read Your Puzzle Instructions Because You Insist On Using Title Capitalization For EVERYTHING. Please, please, please, use standard capitalization – first word of the sentence and proper nouns *only*. Please?

  14. Prid says:

    @Reka: I Didn’t Understand Much Of What You Said, Could You Please Repeat That With A Little More Explanation :D


  15. Snowman says:

    OK, OK, calm down everyone. I do agree that text walkthroughs are helpful but there’s no need to attack anyone for making a video walkthrough. And I do agree, Prid PLEASE don’t use all the capitalization. It really makes your walkthroughs hard to read. Just for the customer! ;)

    Also, sometimes I post a walkthrough and then next time I look, somebody has posted a walkthrough before my post though it wasn’t there last time. blah blah blah.

  16. confuzzled says:

    Prid your solution is confusin me. I can’t understand it. I’m not saying thats its bad its just that I don’t understand it. Can anyone else help me with the grid thing. Its really confusing.

  17. Beauty says:

    The walkthrough is very confusing, I get dizzy with this and that

  18. Beauty says:

    Snowman’s walkthrough is wrong.

    At the part between the grid puzzle and letter puzzle is wrong.

    This is the way you do it.