Clock Room Escape 2

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Clock Room Escape 2Clock Room Escape 2 is the 86th Room Escape game from 123Bee. “In this second version of clock room escape, you will have to find a way out to escape from the room by using clocks found in the room.” Is this sequel better than the original? Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.33


8 Comments to Clock Room Escape 2

  1. Anemic says:

    I should know better.

    Took only three seconds to find the first serious game-killing bug: you can’t turn off the background music, the mute button does nothing.

    I suppose I can mute my speakers, but this tells me that, once again, 123Bug has done no testing on its new game.

  2. dg says:

    @Anemic – the mute button worked for me, but why would you want to turn off such wonderful music???

  3. geez says:

    I just found out why 123 bee games are so bad


    I wont be playing their games anymore…..

  4. victoria says:

    have lots of clocks and a paper stuck :(

  5. victoria says:

    found a bug what up with 123bee don’t they test there games before they but them out here

  6. nick says:

    still crap

  7. mona says:

    hey it says i’m not authorized to access this page. why??????????

  8. deb says:


    What does this key unlock?