Boxed Inn: Panic Room

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Boxed Inn: Panic RoomBoxed Inn: Panic RoomBoxed Inn: Panic Room is a new Room escape game from Samgine.

This game features several puzzle, including pattern recognition, logic puzzles and PaintBox. “Many of the challenges are based on modern technology.”

If you get stuck, a walkthrough is provided in game. A save option is also available in case you decide to come back later.

Have fun!

Boxed Inn: Panic Room walkthrough (thanks monte!)

By Eric

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72 Comments to Boxed Inn: Panic Room

  1. Anemic says:

    Puzzle Solving:





  2. Toxic says:

    Played earlier but had to go out just as I’d got to the last puzzle…
    When I came back to the game I found it hadn’t saved! :-O

    Started again and got out tho :-)

  3. Nic says:

    easy way to solve last puzzle..

    :D im terrible at describing these kinda things…

  4. jcg2003 says:

    Key to the Panic Room Code above the fire place:


  5. Tim says:

    what is the code to unlock the laptop???

  6. Nikelle says:

    How in the heck do i play the painball game?!

  7. Nikelle says:

    I really need help with the last puzzle!

  8. hannah says:

    Help im trying to get into the wall painting but every time i press in the code on the remote then i press on it doesn’t do anything i have tried it 10 times please help

  9. j says:

    cant get the card to work at all

  10. RaeRae says:

    Please help! I have already Show

  11. alexis says:

    i need help wat is the computer password?

  12. Shannon says:

    the cc number and remote code Show

  13. Sa5m says:

    i cant figure out how to pay the credit card bill.. i either have the cc# wrong or the exp. date wrong can someone help?

  14. Jaime says:

    Hit the reset button to set all numbers to zero. Line up 54321 on top in that order. Hit the button to change all numbers on bottom until they lock in

  15. Jaime says:

    this is for theend puzzle

  16. Gene says:

    The last puzzle was not that difficult, you only needed the right and left button to make it.

  17. elizabethhh says:

    the puzzle above the couch is something like i don’t know the first word but the rest is holds hidden camera help me figure out the top word

    • natalie says:

      yucca … it is the name of the plant if you put the plant down somewhere you can see what it is pointing at on the T.V

  18. Chandler says:

    whats the deal with the ac control?