Cat in Outdoor

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Cat in OutdoorCat in OutdoorHere is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Cat in Outdoor!

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Have fun!

Cat in Outdoor walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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19 Comments to Cat in Outdoor

  1. Prid says:



    Please Tell me if this was helpful for those who still haven’t finished the game :P


  2. nokra says:

    Yes! I love these games…I’ll try first without your walkthrough, Prid…

  3. good game. a cute one too. :D i just love minotos games!

  4. nokra says:

    Thanks, Prid…did it without walkthrough. I do enjoy these sweet games, I released the cat…

  5. laughingpoodle says:

    So cute…no walkthrough needed!

  6. Cam says:

    i love minotos games the are reasonably easy and cute just like this one was

  7. Prid says:

    @ nokra: Thanks for actually caring about my walkthroughs! You’re the first one really interested in them :D

    And it’s True, these games are SO easy that No Walkthrough is needed for them.. But in Case SOMEONE don’t know what to do, a Walkthrough is always lovely =)


  8. hilman says:

    cute, as always :)

  9. goldie says:

    Clear, thnxxx.

  10. Moodie says:

    Did anyone notice that when the cat is finally in the house, you can click the orange box to remove it, making a mouse pop out of the blue box below?

    I tried clicking the mouse in hope of getting the cat to chase it, but I had no such luck lol

  11. Gregory says:

    Hey,when you free the cat, you can click on the board to complete it, and click on the box and a mouse will appear.

  12. Morpheus McGee says:

    A few small extra ending bits:

    I love these games. ^_^”

  13. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    minoto is the god of cute games! :D!

  14. Kanna says:

    Whee~ another cute game XD

  15. Kanna says:


  16. smilygirl16 says:

    Hey Prid, you’re walkthrough was really helpful, like they always are; I’ve been addicted to these games since yesterday, but have had to use a walkthrough for every one-am I stupid or what? Go the colour purple and…

    Keeeeeeeeeeep smiling! :D

  17. smilygirl16 says:

    I meant your-soz!

    Keeeeeeee-oh i can’t be bothered anymore! :-(