Escape the Black Box

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Escape the Black BoxEscape the Black Box is a not so scary Room Escape game (almost) all in black and white where you will have to deal with a few monsters, as well as a “web avoidance” mini game that is quite *#!??**$. Be patient, look around closely and you will soon escape from the Black Box! Have fun!

Escape the Black Box video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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  1. Em says:


  2. nokra says:

    Looks like you were only, Em. I guess I’ll give it a try. anyone else here now?

  3. nokra says:

    I found aShow

  4. nokra says:

    I also haveShow

    and a Show

    did use Show

  5. didi says:

    nokra, are you still online?

  6. nokra says:

    I wonder if Em figured it out last hour?

  7. didi says:

    I found a use for Show

    and I got Show

    I need something to across the fire…

  8. nokra says:

    looking for last page of journal

  9. nokra says:

    yes, I know the game has a walkthrough…

  10. Xoke says:

    What I have done so far:

    I need to work more on it I guess (without using the walkthrough they give though

  11. Xoke says:

    Ahhh… the missing journal pages:

  12. Xoke says:

    I’m definitely missing something. I scored 13, but 14+ is silver medal….

    And I gave up and looked at the walkthrough they have and it’s less useful then what I have posted already!

  13. Toxic says:

    I got all the journal pages, did everything I was supposed to, and still only scored 12!
    What did I mss?! :-/

  14. Toxic says:

    miss, not mss :-P

  15. nokra says:

    well, thanks Toxic…I never would have gotten the bone, had given up. great tip alt/tab. I got 13 just because I started over and went faster…interesting but kinda dumb, yeah?

  16. nokra says:

    sorry , I mean thanks Xoke for the tip and better walkthrough!!!!

  17. Prid says:

    Video Walkthrough


    Walkthrough – Coming Soon!


  18. Xoke says:

    You’re welcome nokra. I still think we’re missing something as it’s not that great an ending, like it’s the ‘bad’ ending. Anyone else managed to figure out anything else?

    Oh I read you can Show

  19. dg says:

    @Xoke: the last journal paper is Show

    I haven’t figured out anything beyond what others wrote. The game is a little buggy – the blanket got stuck in all the scenes…

    Easy way to get the bone: Show

  20. Tasselfoot says:

    Prid: Just a heads up… I had a video walkthrough done for this game yesterday, but was contacted by (the sponsor), requesting that I remove the walkthrough… you might want to consider listening to his request as well, even if he hasn’t addressed it to you. We, the walkthroughers, are here to help the fans, but without the sponsors there are no games… it’s best to do what they request.


  21. Prid says:

    Since when did you do it to help people? You’re Doing it only for money! I am here to help the people… So, if you don’t mind I’ve got some walkthroughs to make!


  22. Tasselfoot says:

    It’s not about me dude. It’s about the guy who paid to buy the game to promote his website not wanting the walkthrough there. Your comment is completely disrespectful to him.


  23. Andy says:

    Every time I get the bone, it gets removed from my inventory as soon as I leave the spider room. Grrrr…

  24. Toxic says:

    Andy, that only happens when the spider wakes up and gets u…

  25. Toxic says:

    Has anybody managed to get through the web ‘maze’ without touching it? No matter which way I go it doesn’t work, even when I’m going through a gap without web!

    And anybody got an ending that doesn’t seem like you’ve failed?

  26. Xoke says:

    Toxic, cheat and right click or alt-tab to another app to get through there ;)

    In theory you go in the ‘middle’ ish and move up and around then sort of over right and down… managed to GET the bone but couldn’t get back out… so I cheated to beat that. But everyone seems to be having problems with it

    And no, I get the ‘failed’ ending.

  27. Toxic says:

    Xoke, I managed to get it by lighting the candle then moving quickly to the bone, clicking it, and getting off the web before the area lit properly. I was just wondering if anyone had done it the ‘proper’ way? Seems impossible to get round the maze…

  28. Padlock says:

    I’ve gotten around the maze. It’s not fun, but it’s possible.

  29. Xoke says:

    Toxic, I did try to do the maze the right way and have managed to GET to the bone… but always mess up on the way back. So it is (in theory) possible…

  30. Toxic says:

    Sometimes it would let me through gaps and other times the same gaps would wake the spider…

  31. Toxic says:

    And what’s with that ghost?

  32. Morpheus McGee says:

    I only get the “eaten” (read as: failed) ending. :/ Here’s what happened to me in the end:

    If someone knows how to get a “good” ending, I’d like to know. If there is one. @[email protected]

  33. dg says:

    @Morpheus: I saw a comment on eg24 by Rosiana, the creator of this game, saying that there is only this ending to this game. Perhaps the game should be called “escape from the world of the living”…

    The game is buggy. Things sometimes get stuck in all scenes. I once tried to use the matches in the last scene, and found myself in the skull scene, where I could get another page, making the total pages 7. This gave me an extra point and I ended the game with a score of 14.

  34. DNOMN8R says:

    I think you can make a vidthru now, I saw on another site that said “please do not make video walkthrough for 7 days”, and I think it’s been 7 days.

  35. Prid says:

    @DNOMN8R: I Can’t.. I Made A Video Walkthrough, But The Author Said That I had To Delete it, Or He Would Talk To YouTube And Ban Me, If I Didn’t Remove it. So Sorry, and he Also Said That He Wanted Everyone To Beat The Game On Their Own, But What I see, is That There Are Hundreds Of People Complaining About The Bone Part. However, The Site You Read The: “Do No Make A Video Walkthrough For 7 Days”, that is GamersHood, and they didn’t create it!

    So, Sorry Everyone :(

  36. Ana says:

    I noticed this strange thing with the journal… The sixth page is dated June 6th 2006, and all the others are from 2009. What does that mean? Time travel? Whatever’s inside the box is the box is the anti-christ? I highly doubt it’s an accident. Any ideas?

  37. mike says:

    did you guys know that at the end screen you can delete the last line right next to the score button?

  38. lmlluvstjl4eva says:

    hey if you cant make a video walkthrough why doest someone make a written one??