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VoragoVoragoVorago is the latest Point’n’Click adventure game from Patrick Majewski.

“Derived from latin “The pit/abyss”, Vorago takes place in a small town off the interstate stumbled upon by a couple under most unfortunate circumstances. After the tragic loss of their daughter, Ira and Jonathan find themselves in a car accident with no direction. When the couple reach the nearest town, a loud warning siren sounds off as a mysterious fog covers the atmosphere.”

Warning: Vorago contains strong themes, gore and coarse language and is not recommended for a young audience.

Have fun!

Vorago walkthrough (thanks geez!)

By Eric

current rating 4.29


47 Comments to Vorago

  1. saidul says:

    nice games i like it, btw how can i download it for my site?

  2. Prid says:

    Video Walkthroughs:

    Part 1
    Part 2


    I really LOVED playing this game. The Story Itself is just AWESOME, but also kinda sad cause of people dying and the punishment is all over the place :S


  3. victoria says:

    I’m having trouble getting the mini game but love the game so far

  4. Momo says:

    game is great, but after the fifth time I get too sick about that stupid minigame which I can’t beat
    nothing for me

  5. Sylli says:

    come with the mini-game can not continue … no skill to ever die

  6. Sylli says:

    thanks Prid, I can at least see the end!

  7. Luke says:

    I love the story so much!!just like Stephen King movie The Mist!!!

  8. Prid says:

    @ Sylli: Sorry, but I skipped all of the cut-scenes! And since so many of you are failing the mini-game, I’ll post the cut-scenes in a different video. Be patient, just wait a bit :D


  9. jackivee says:

    Wow, that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back…what a waste of time.

  10. Andy says:

    I thought it was a great game. There were parts I didn’t like, but for a game that involved, that’s no real shock.

    Interesting that so many elements seemed to be taken from Stephen King for it to have a biblical message.

  11. Prid says:

    All The Cinematics / Cut-Scenes from the Game is now together on a video I made



  12. MissD says:

    Story itself was great. Too bad the mini-games totally ruined the game, no fun playing with those in there.

  13. Kitty says:

    I love this site. They always make great escape games.

  14. Daemon says:

    The ending to this was terrible. I was expecting something I Am Legend-esque, but no, it’s more like BELIEVE IN JESUS 0=D and frankly, it’s rather insulting. But taking a step back, it was a wonderful story…now one of my favorite games…but I’m never playing it again. Those minigames were murder!

  15. geez says:



  16. Xoke says:

    I thought it was very ‘meh’. The whole biblical thing considering…

    … was rather confusing. I think it would have been a better game removing the religion from it as I have no idea what message the author was trying to to give!

    • da says:

      It is telling abt the end of the world, and how they want to seek death but will nvr find it , accept jesus be4 its 2 late

      • Melio Lumen says:

        Yes jesus, come and bring me the mild brain damage I need in order to write like this man.
        Good game, sad ending, I enjoyed it.
        Hate the freaking minigames.

  17. sian says:

    this is the best game i’ve ever played i was crying at the end of it but it also made my heart race in some places well done very good.

  18. Quazy says:

    I liked the game, and two of the three mini games weren’t that bad (the car one drove me nuts), definitely one of the better put together games out there. The game does remind me of The Mist or the Silent Hill movie and the message is delivered in a Left Behind sort of way. And a powerful message it is.

  19. sammetje2 says:

    The first and 2nd part of the game looked rather promising, but the mini games and the religious ‘message’ totally ruined the game for me. I stopped playing at the mini-car and watched the rest of the game in the video walkthrough. It’s The Mist from S. King (apart from the biblical stuff. Read King’s story). And I think the end is sick! Jonathan tells his wife to shoot him because he thinks ‘he deserves to die’ as he didn’t spend enough time with his daughter… and so she does. Fine reason, great message. Brilliant. Spread the word.

  20. Raisian says:

    Really looks like the developer watched The Mist, dissected it, and shoved in some religious overtones. Plus the siren sounds exactly like the one from Silent Hill. Way to go.

    And wtf’s wrong with with that skeleton key minigame? You can’t see half the damn bear-traps, and they change position once you get to drive back! Bah!

  21. Kippetje says:

    Your just not able to win this game.. some mini games are to hard.. it’s simply not a fun game to play.. you get frustrated.. angry.. and you can’t win.. I don’t think it’s worth trying.

  22. Epic Win says:

    I’m not sure if the car game is always the same but

    it was very easy got it on the 2nd time

  23. nooblre says:

    I don’t know why people are so frustrated about the mini games. They were simple the only one that I had problems with was the car one – the bear trap sound was so scary. O_O

  24. Ray says:

    This was hands down the best game of this style that I ever played. Don’t listen to all of these other noobs that didn’t like it. It’s 100% awesomeness.

  25. Typhoon says:

    This game is soooooooo familiar.

    MOVIE: The Mist

  26. Angelsaint74 says:

    I Just Love GodLimations Games..

  27. Ania says:

    Oh, wow. That IS the Silent Hill siren. SH Siren, The Mist story…. Hurm. Truthfully, it was great until I got to the Pathway to the Pharmacy mini-game. Then it was just difficult.

  28. sam says:

    pretty cool game, even if there was any biblical stuff. ps, sammetej2, her husband wanted her to kill her so he wouldnt be a zombie thing.

  29. Aly says:

    Wow. is it weird that i’m 12 and did not find this game disturbing? I loved it!

  30. Alexander says:

    HAHAHAHA… crazy religious dude.
    I loved the part were he got hacked to mush.
    Whats with the religious ending text, ‘…until HE comes.’….Ohhhh, scary.
    Sad that the logical kid got iced and the husband, he was cool.

    But thats what makes it real and not fantasy…

    But overall…

    …10 OUT OF 10; but maybe a non-religious theme next time, eh.

  31. Dididorra says:

    I am stuck and I did not find the second video can you help me ?
    Thanks a lot.

  32. Dididorra says:

    I did it ! :)
    Oh ! How sad !
    I could not stop my tears whene I saw the dead of Anya !
    What a game !
    Godlimitations is an excellente website,really.

  33. luthien78 says:

    The car-one drives me nuts! *grrrr*

  34. Your friendly neighbourhood uni student says:

    WOAH!!!!!!!!!! Now thats an awesome game! dont like the whole ‘end of the world ‘ thing though….I mean everyone has been takling about 2012. Oh no the world will end *running, screaming*. When in fact and I have been studying this in Uni When Mayan calendar runs out it is time to CELEBRATE!!! not run around screaming…Its nothing but a bloody long calendar…and what do people do when there calendars run out? Buy a new one….or make a new one!

  35. Agnostic/atheist says:

    The game was… something to do. I wasn’t fond of the anime-styled people, but I guess it saves time. The backgrounds were nice though. The religious warning ruined it though. Stupid internet game, trying to convert me….

  36. Zoe says:

    Woow this is the coolest game I ever played!
    but I’m stuck in the petrol station,
    the guy with the green shirt is blocking the door so that I can’t go inside,
    and the husband is talking to the man with that gun, for the door,
    and i have talked with that little girl, I can’t find anything to get out here,
    if someone can give me a hint, than I can finally play the game !

  37. Sachi says:

    thiss gamee is soo much fuun!!!!!!! i looveee thessee type of gamess!!!!!
    i hope theres more games like thesee!!!!!!!! especially the trapped series !!!

    anyy onee know more games like theesssee?????????


  38. Gracy Lu says:

    okay, im getting really pissy cuz everytime i go to play it, the damn comercial keeps blocking the screen!!!!!! >.<

  39. TheDarknessWalks says:

    For a game by Godlimations that was suppose to have a religious message it seemed odd that the only guy who was a “believer” was a wack job who slapped around a women, killed people for believing in science, tried to kill a kid, and then tries to get the woman to commit adultery with him.

    I think Godlimation needs to work on their messaging unless the message is when the end times arrive start breaking as many commandments as you can.

  40. madeeha says:

    i’v been searching 4 this game since last year…..i actually couldnt complete it…but then to continue it ….i really din know the name…;p

  41. hannah says:

    Hi how do you give her husband the rope?

  42. Devon says:

    The 2nd part was just gross… how could rick be split in half and still walk.. and what was that weird voice he was using. and when you get his keys, his body twitches… EWWWW

  43. jenna says:

    can anyone help me!? i cant find the lighter!