Chair Room Escape

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Chair Room EscapeIn Chair Room Escape, a Japanese Room Escape game available in English from the author of Waiting Room, you find yourself locked in a room full of different chairs. How do you get out of this room? I have no idea! All I know is that there are three different endings for this one. Have fun!

By Eric

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47 Comments to Chair Room Escape

  1. hilman says:

    new game, after 3 days off :)

  2. hilman says:

    strange game 8-|

  3. Sylli says:

    Furniture inventory and it can not be closer look … a bug in the game?

  4. Sylli says:

    In the green stool “find my chair” we should perhaps chair with hidden money search

  5. Sylli says:


  6. Sylli says:


  7. suelou says:

    hi just started have lots of chairs looking for screw driver

  8. suelou says:

    if you click on chair in inventry then on same chair in room u find things the long bench needs a code the light blue chair has a screw but dont no code yet

  9. dg says:

    Surprise: the letters on the white chair spell … C H A I R…

  10. Arim says:


  11. Totenkopf says:

    on top of white chair a button,Show

  12. Totenkopf says:

    under rocking chair number 2
    under pipe chair number 8
    on the right of bench “strange graffiti” on the left a code…now I try numbers

  13. bilibala1999 says:

    Open the cover of the small cushion on the floor
    there is “find my chair”

  14. Totenkopf says:

    I can’t find bench code, I don’t understand signs behind rocking chair, I can’t find anything…I’m so frustrated!
    The only thing I’ve done is to put back second green stool, but still can’t reach hang chair

  15. Totenkopf says:

    well, putting a chair in front of rocking chair you can read on hang chair please sit down

  16. dg says:

    About the white chair:Show

  17. Sylli says:

    but behind rocking chair right for 5 symbols, but do not know what use

  18. Totenkopf says:

    I think that number four is wood chair upside down, number eight pipe chair and number 6 probably sofa… but have no idea where to try my idea!!!! :(

  19. Sylli says:

    I wonder whether symbols, a code could be 14312 – the number squares?

  20. Totenkopf says:

    finally _I’ve found the code for bench…

  21. dg says:

    Sylli: maybe the symbols Show

  22. Totenkopf says:

    I give up!
    too hard and got to go

  23. Sylli says:

    thanks dg _ 2 of rocking chair view, asked me whether … symbols, a code might be – for later door, where the arrow on the left wall shows Couch

  24. daber says:

    yep, this one is hard to make things zoom in–too frustrating…got to go to work

  25. dg says:

    The bench:

    And then what?

  26. ratmq says:

    I have the key…..Where to put it is the question?

  27. Sylli says:

    Move battens and see a 5

  28. ratmq says:

    Nevermind…. I found the keyhole Show

    Anyone have any idea about the strange code/ clue in the closet?

  29. Sylli says:

    on baby’s nose with a 3 rabbits?

  30. dg says:

    When you open the green cushion chair, the pointer turns to a hand on the letters. Also, the positions of the letters correspond exactly to the hours on a clock, except for 11. And what’s with the fish, the “c22”, the money and the film strip?

  31. juliette says:

    I’m stuck at the same place
    we need a screwdriver but where is it ?
    And something to open the window on the door??
    Any idea?

  32. dmq says:

    the bench Show

  33. Anemic says:


  34. Sylli says:

    habs again tackled here … do nothing further – no screwdrivers, no clock? only frustration …

  35. nokra says:

    Well, I went to other site that has over 300 posts…The screwdriver is in blue chair and you have to turn it around(a lot) and then click the seat…out pops the screwdriver! Did not work for me and I gave up. On the other hand I did the bench and the rocker and a few other things that made me think I was getting somewhere…but it always hinges on the screwdriver, doesn’t it?

  36. nokra says:

    O.K. Got screwdriver! Do not try to spin it…just keep clicking right side 5 or 6 times, then left side to put front facing…click and pop, there it is….forget the spoilers at this point I don’t think anyone cares!!!

  37. jojo says:

    Got screwdriver – which doesn’t work on any of the screws…
    but could open

  38. nokra says:

    I liked the game. very smart, unlike me who never would have got any of it without the walkthrough and detailed descriptions from posters…Thanks!

  39. nokra says:

    the fish riddle in the stool is three anagramsShow

    that gives the light switch
    for right side of sofa/chair
    put both stools in front of bench and both wood from sofa on top and Show

  40. nokra says:

    maybe there is another screwdriver?

  41. jojo says:

    great – I just became a chair 8-)
    Now try again for a proper escape

    nokra looking at the FIFA-hint I had already guessed at IMF but what is the reason behind the others?

  42. dg says:

    Thanks you all for the clues. I’d never have guessed the fish riddle.
    There’s an annoying bug:Show

  43. green~bird says:

    At the panel next to the red door Show

  44. Sylli says:

    Thanks Nokra found screwdriver … This opens the door, you also know the use of book …

    Nokra what would be a game without looking for a screwdriver, which is always important, I would rather have a Swiss army knife, because everything is off, and you need not so much seek to be together LOL

  45. NecroGecko says:

    I found walkthrough


  46. person says:

    wich chair is the green one??

  47. cynthia osborne says:

    i spelled the word chair but did not get the key.