The Fun Fair

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The Fun FairThe Fun FairThe Fun Fair is the latest Point’n’Click adventure game from Anode and Cathode.

The first part is live and looks very promising; this game will probably keep you busy for a while!

“You enter the fun fair with a strong intention to understand what made you open the gate. Will you find the key to Sophia’s mystery ?”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.33


40 Comments to The Fun Fair

  1. Grootmoeder says:

    Nice, new game.

  2. vanni ogg says:

    sometime it would be very nice if they explain how to play the games

  3. Anonymouse says:

    takes a while to load :(

  4. Morpheus McGee says:

    It ate too much memory on my computer and wouldn’t run very well. -_-” I would have played it if it didn’t eat up so many resources.

  5. pc emmy says:

    Can anyone tell me who and where is jeje?
    What do you do with the ferris wheel, ghost train, candy floss, bumper, fuzzy toy??? I think I got most of the other games, though I have only gotten one prize other than lollipops.

  6. pc emmy says:

    Oh– a lead!Show

  7. pc emmy says:

    how to light that item????Show

    any ideas?

  8. bobo says:

    use the Show

    from inside the Show

  9. Sue says:


    Does anyone know if you quit the game can you come back at same place or do you have to start over?

  10. Padlock says:

    The counters Show

  11. Padlock says:

    In one of the trucks Show

    You can use it to Show

    And then Show

    After that, I’m stuck.

  12. Kitty says:

    ghost trainShow

    ferris wheel Show

  13. Kitty says:

    to play the games Show

    the far west legend Show

    squirrels’ feast Show

    aunt sally Show

    balloons inflating Show

    horse race Show

    ducks fishing Show

  14. Padlock says:

    If you collect Show

  15. monica says:

    im walking around, wasting money, playing games, getting lollypops, any ideas? ive got a silver heart, horse shoe, etc etc… cant figure anything else

  16. monica says:

    where are the rest of the counters? ive only got maybe 1 or two more to find, to fill up the ferris wheel

  17. hilman says:

    well, it won’t run on my computer :(
    it’s loading very slow

  18. pc emmy says:

    Thanks Kitty! Never thought to Show

    I also found if you collect Show

  19. pc emmy says:

    Bumper: Use theShow

  20. pc emmy says:

    Candy Floss:Show

  21. mcj says:

    where to find chopstick?

  22. pc emmy says:

    mcj Show

    and Sue–yes you do have to start over if you close the window–went to bed and my browser updated and restarted last night. :(

  23. liz says:

    are there prizes other than lollies for the balloon and duck games? cuz im getting pretty annoyed with them…giving up for now anyway so gonna have to do it all over again if i can be bothered

    good game other than that tho

  24. pc emmy says:

    Liz, last night I got the second prize in balloons–it was a knight chess piece. I cannot get past the lollipop on the squirrel, duck or western game–I think because the game runs so slow on my computer, there is no way to get better than that. Can’t get the second prize in balloons today either. very frustrating!

  25. Sadge says:

    Game locked up when I took the ugly painting and item behind it Show

  26. ihnee says:


  27. pc emmy says:

    Thanks Sadge–that helped.
    I now have a teddy bear that appears large on the screen when I click on it but as soon as I click anywhere on the screen again it goes back in inventory. I also cannot seem to get prizes beyond lollipops at ducks and balloons and can’t get last prize for squirrels or western. any ideas?

  28. pc emmy says:

    For the bear Show

  29. pc emmy says:

    Unfortunately, all the 2nd level prizes are needed to fill it!

  30. Patricia says:

    The game does not load for me :(

  31. pc Emmy says:

    I did find a glitch–If you put all the 2nd prizes you have in the necklace, you can earn another 2nd prize and put that in the necklace too. Once there are enough things in the necklace you can go to the caravan. This is very helpful if you can’t get past the lollipop in one level. But there is nothing there to do at the caravan but pick up two stars.

  32. pc emmy says:

    found more hints on EscapeGames24 and out! whew! Long and complicated game but it sure made you want to keep trying!

  33. pc emmy says:

    I did find a glitch in the game that helped me win. Once you put your level 2 prize in the necklace, you can get another one and place it in the necklace and once you have placed any 7 items in the necklace, you can go to the caravan. This helped since I could never get more than 21 ducks in the duck game and never got the diamond.

  34. pc emmy says:

    Hints: You don’t need the 3rd level prizes–only second.

    The answer is Show

    combine shrub and water

  35. pc emmy says:

    Oh and Show

  36. pc emmy says:

    oops did spoiler tags wrong!

  37. nick says:

    horrible, illogical, buggy, and overall lamest game i’ve seen in a long while.

    skip it.

  38. monica says:

    Money tree? Who is JeJe?

  39. monica says:

    What, did everybody give up?

  40. Don’t laugh, back in the 1860’s this was all they had for music lol.