Kidnapped by Aliens

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Kidnapped by AliensKidnapped by AliensIn Kidnapped by Aliens, a Room Escape game created by Selfdefiant, the author of the Super Sneaky Spy Guy series, you find yourself trapped in an alien ship.

Why were you kidnapped by aliens, that’s the question!

Anyway, find a way to escape from your cell and explore the ship. You may find a way to get back to Earth!

Have fun!

Kidnapped by Aliens walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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36 Comments to Kidnapped by Aliens

  1. hilman says:

    at last..
    first again:)

  2. David says:

    all I can find is a map and the clue on wall

  3. hilman says:

    so far got :

    no, i’m stuck on how to solve the code for armory :(

  4. White Wolf says:


    Human pod





    H2O Room




    Fusion Lab




    Hope that helps

  5. hilman says:

    thanks white wolf for the walkthrough.. :)

  6. dg says:

    Out – without a WT. The alien was very impressed by my abilities. Too bad nobody on Earth is so impressed…

  7. dill says:

    how did the last alien see you wtf

  8. mrsbabypaul says:

    how do you get the Show

    in the office

  9. iMacGirl33 says:

    I got the bracelet but can’t get the screwdriver from the cabinet in the office. No matter where I click, it says “There is glass, it doesn’t have a lock.” Any suggestions?

  10. White Wolf says:

    The screwdriver is in the cabinet next to the door. Across from the one with the glass.

  11. Ninjaman says:

    anyone know how to do the armory part?

  12. gal says:

    how do u get the symbols on the wall in the office next to the glass cabinet. I tried and tried and now m bored. pls help….

  13. gal says:

    I found it immediately after I posted :-O

  14. iMacGirl33 says:

    Thanks White Wolf! I’ll try again now…

  15. rxcytvb says:

    my green liquid wont go into the damn round beaker thingy!!!

  16. MNSnotMSN says:

    Thanks White Wolf. I hate these little find your way out things. Oh and by the way rxcytvb, you have to take the test tube with the green stuff in it and click the round beaker, try it and see what it does.

  17. burger#44 says:

    weres the glass stiring rod

  18. emma says:

    entering the code does not work for me no matter how fast or slow i do it

  19. StormFirestar says:

    Can not get the Show

  20. daphie says:

    were is the wall panell next to the door i have tried doing the one with 2 grey blocks and red ones but the block will not go in

  21. midknight9000 says:

    I can’t open the glass thing to get the bracelet but it won’t open

  22. jessica says:

    how do i open the glass cambinent ? im confused:((

  23. nothing says:

    i need help i cant pass the game

  24. nothing says:

    Kidnapped by Aliens

  25. Amy says:

    It alwasy says “There is glass. It doesn’t have a lock.” I can’t open it!!!! any help? please!(and sorry for my bad english)

  26. billy says:

    i cant find a test tube 0_0

  27. Natalia says:

    omg ty lol
    the walkthrough worked……the ending was kinda funneh!

  28. Dire says:

    How the Hell does the last alien see you if you are supposedly wearing the bracelet?

  29. T says:

    I Cant get the braclet :-s

  30. Panicismurder says:

    where is the beaker in the lab i cant find it

  31. Abbie says:

    From where do I get that rusty thing that I have to put in the pink liquid? Please help me!!!!

  32. wierdo.... says:

    um i don’t uderstand what white wolf says about pressing the left side of the glass cabinet cuz i pressed it and nothing happened it only said ‘There is glass, it does’nt have a lock…..” it confuses me.

  33. wierdo.... says:

    I got it, but now im stuck in the h20 room!

  34. wierdo.... says:

    I GOT IT NOW!Im so weird!