Use Boxmen

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Use BoxmenUse BoxmenUse Boxmen is a new Puzzle Platformer developed by Greg Sergeant where you cast clones who copy your actions.

Use the arrow keys to move, press the shift key to create a clone. Clones are assigned the same action you make at the moment of casting.

Press the R key when you mess up to restart a level.

Use Boxmen features 13 levels. The difficulty increases at a constant rate, and the final level is very hard.

Simple concept, brilliant execution. Two thumbs up!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.20


21 Comments to Use Boxmen

  1. Grootmoeder says:

    Hoi, new puzzle game

  2. person says:

    Level 3???

  3. Tasselfoot says:

    My walkthrough is in-game… but I’ll put it here as well for all of you fine folks:

    Use Boxmen Walkthrough

    Enjoy! Level 10 is, imo, by far the hardest. Although some commenters on my video pointed out an alternative solution that is a bit more consistent than the one I used in the video.


  4. Andy says:

    Hmmm… stuck on lvl 8.

  5. Andy says:

    NVM – power of posting. Show

  6. Arikiko says:

    Level 12, anyone?

  7. The Steve says:

    how do you do lvl 10?

  8. lolmasta says:

    nid help on lvl 7

  9. Arikiko says:

    Ark, 13 please!
    3 – Show

    7 – Show

    10 – Show

  10. Rei says:

    This game is so cute! And it’s fun to play

  11. Goshame says:

    Need help on lv 11

  12. nichols 17 says:

    need help on lvl four ..

  13. SIM1 says:

    I need help on lvl 12 the box man keeps running into the X.

  14. tyler says:

    can anyone tell me how to get passed lvl 10 anyone plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  15. lilly says:

    i need help on lvl 4

  16. lilly says:

    lvl 4 so hard my little dude keeps dieing lol plz help

  17. manda-moo says:

    level ten is hard how do u get up th wall??? please tell me =]

  18. yo homeys says:

    level 9 help?

  19. alexrhees says:

    level 8 is hard i really need help with it

  20. Pie says:

    level 11

    • Orangesrgood says:

      Put a crouching boxman on each pillar except for the tallest one. Also put a crouching boxman on the very right of the platform on the left. Use a running boxman starting at the left of the platform and run down to the generator. Use another running boxman to give you a head start and run back and forth to power the generator furthermore.