Escape Carmine Room

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Escape Carmine RoomEscape Carmine RoomEscape Carmine Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia.

“Rupert has a new job at a museum.

Help him restore a vandalized masterpiece so that he can go home!”

Another – very – challenging Escape game from Paskapet!

Have fun!

Escape Carmine Room walkthrough (thanks pOlo!). Another walkthrough (thanks Juli!)

Escape Carmine Room video walkthrough!

By Eric

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119 Comments to Escape Carmine Room

  1. Juli says:

    Here’s another walkthrough: p0lo’s was good, but there were some spots where the language barrier really wasn’t helping.
















  2. Raika says:

    Where on the statue does the Show


  3. Raika says:

    nm I got it.


    *slaps self in the face* >_<

  4. Reka says:

    Raika, I did that too – Show

  5. lml4eva119007 says:

    Hey it wont let me putthe round gray piece in the back of the head i keep clicking there with it but nothing! Any help?

  6. lml4eva119007 says:

    How do u get the piece from picture 22? I cant seem to find it! lol

  7. lml4eva119007 says:

    ok nevermind i guess i did have that one it was a different one i didnt have! lol

  8. lml4eva119007 says:

    I think this thing has a glitch cuz ive been clicking everywhere where napoleon is pointing with the chisel and nothing!! Any help please??

  9. lml4eva119007 says:

    Nevemind! lol duh!

  10. CONFUSED!!! says:

    how do you finish the face? I have everything except the mouth put in and I don’t know how to do it!!! Do you have to put the mouth on before the fingers? Or what? I have NO clue!

  11. CONFUSED!!! says:

    haha nevermind. I got it. Show

  12. Roberto says:

    Thank you very much for the walkthrough, I’m hopeless trying to figure what the #$%&^ to do, just following step by step the clues are challenging enough

  13. ami says:

    napoleon isnt moving!! and neither is the weird naked statue. what should i doooo?

  14. autumn says:

    how do i turn on the lights

  15. gamegirlxl says:

    If you press the top of the lever it goes down, bottom up

  16. anonymous says:

    once you get to the end when you have Show

    the guard shows back up with some sort of electrical tazer looking thing… has anyone messed around with that and gotten anything from it?

  17. Heather says:

    Where does the weird round gray piece go on the statue?

  18. laura says:

    how do you get the picture on the wall to fall down? i tired everything and it just does not work