Escape the Doctor

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Escape the DoctorIn the Room Escape game Escape the Doctor, “You are locked in Dr Hackemup’s waiting room, terrified by the cries of pain coming from his room, you decided to leave, only to find that the doors are locked and your next on the list. Search the waiting room for objects to help you get out.” Have fun!

Escape the Doctor video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

Escape the Doctor walkthrough (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

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25 Comments to Escape the Doctor

  1. Jole says:

    out.. nice game!

  2. dawn says:

    have found 3 blocks , pliers? and puzzle book, now stuck

  3. Lizzy says:

    2 blocks and puzzle book, stuck

  4. sue says:

    hi found umberella block pin puzzle book

  5. Lizzy says:

    Out! Cute one

  6. dream says:

    I found a code at right of waste basket and use code at toybox

  7. dream says:

    I took a pen from nurse. then I use pliers at pen’s pin.
    Then i used it at lockers. I found a key, and a green block.

  8. dream says:

    I found a half of a card from books. I used key at below of nurse’s table and found another blockShow

  9. dream says:


  10. dream says:


  11. Fanny says:

    Still need the “K” and “E” block.

  12. Fanny says:

    No, its “K” and another “C”

  13. sue says:

    how do you get the files to fall off please

  14. sue says:

    is anyone still playing

  15. sue says:

    ok out

  16. daber says:

    need a couple more letters too…I and C. and can’t get the files off the cabinet…and have no idea where the second half of the card is…anyone still there that can help.

  17. Prid says:

    Video Walkthrough

    Enjoy & Subscribe!!


    PS: I was TOO lazy to make a text walkthrough :P

  18. Reka says:

    Prid, warn us about the music in your walkthrough, will ya? I practically jumped out of my skin when my speakers started blaring at me like that. Also, you go a bit too quickly at some points – the mouse movements are not reproduced that exactly, so it looks like you idly wave your mouse around and items magically appear in your inventory.

  19. Reka says:

    This isn’t a very good game, but here’s a text walkthrough anyway.


  20. Prid says:

    Sorry, I guess! I’ll probably remember what you said in my future videos, thanks =D


  21. Prid says:


    Isn’t it weird :S

    You made a TEXT WALKTHROUGH, but in the description it says:

    Escape the Doctor video walkthrough (thanks Reka!)



    Edit: Post updated, sorry about that :-/

  22. Deb says:

    Out without help in 6.7 seconds!


  23. Reka says:

    Prid, I think Eric got confused by the fact that you had your video walkthrough up before I wrote the text one – usually, it happens in the opposite order. :)

  24. hilman says:

    perhaps the next episode will be escape the dentist.. :p

    thanks Reka for the walkthrough..
    i’m quite lazy today to think ;)

  25. yazzi says:

    thanxx for walkthough u guy i want 2 espeacially thank Reka u helped meh lyk hella thanxx xD