Path 2

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Path 2Path 2 is the latest skill game released yesterday by the US programmer and designer Tyler Glaiel. The game is available on his personal website, Glaiel Games.

The object in this sequel to Path is to use your mouse to draw a line from a red dot to a star. Walls and obstacles must be avoided while the red dot follows the path to its final destination. Get the key first in order to unlock the exit. Press the space bar to start moving your red dot and use your mouse to drag or rotate the different obstacles while the dot is moving.

If the original Path was not really well polished, Path 2 is definitely very well done. That being said, some levels are really hard to complete in both games. You’ve been warned!

Path Path Path 2 Path 2

By Eric

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  1. pants secret says:

    Play the game well, you idiot that looks for walkthroughs.