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OrisinalThere are many places to play free games on the web, but Orisinal is quite unique, and it is probably why thousands and thousands of people visit the site every day.

OrisinalDesigned by Ferry Halim, a very talented and creative game designer, Orisinal was launched in 2000 with one single game, Apple Season; at the time of writing, his website is featuring 57 easy-to-learn/easy-to-play games, most of them lasting no longer than a couple of minutes.

Avatars used in games are usually moved with the mouse and with so many games to choose from, you can easily spend hours there!

But what makes Orisinal so unique is the exceptional look and feel of the different games, combined with great sound effects and music.

Halim was able to build, year after year, a totally family friendly universe, without violence, in which you can refresh your mind at any time.

I wouldn’t recommend any game in particular, but I strongly invite you to admire for a while what is something between games, art and poetry. Orisinal!

Note. I asked Ferry yesterday if he plans to release a new game soon, here is his answer : “Well, I’m really packed with client projects these past months. Don’t have the time to work on Orisinal“. Price of success… Thanks Ferry !

By Eric

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