Islands in the Stream

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Islands in the StreamIslands in the StreamIslands in the Stream is the latest Point’n’Click adventure game from Andrey Anisimov (DooDoo Safe, Concertalino).

“Cuba. Havana. Ernest Hemingway has finished his hard work on the novel and was going to visit his friend.
What will win: his desire for adventures or his wish to stay at home?
It depends on you!”

Have fun!

Islands in the Stream walkthrough (thanks jojo!)

By Eric

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146 Comments to Islands in the Stream

  1. jojo says:


    blue paper was really a mirror – to be used on morse code – it’s

  2. Anonymouse says:

    clock- Show

  3. Anonymouse says:

    any help with where to find the red number?

  4. jojo says:

    red number

  5. Anonymouse says:

    found it Show

  6. Laur says:

    no matter what I do, I can’t mix the drink correctly. I also can’t find the brown number :(

  7. Laur says:

    I have tried in the order of the name Hemingway, I have tried with the letters from the sudoku in order and I have tried with the pictures in order (both after using the grey thing).

  8. Laur says:

    If I can mix the drink and Show

    and then find out where Show

    I can then Show

  9. *.* says:

    I figured out the code for the patio door, using Reka’s method, but I never found the paper that shows how to do it. There is a peice of paper that has the 90 degree turn and add the symbols somewhere, I guess, I just can’t find it, and even with the right numbers, the door doesn’t open. Any help?

  10. Anonymouse says:

    have you solved the books- not sure but it might of been in that

  11. Anonymouse says:

    this is one of those games you have to do all the work, no shortcuts :)

  12. Reka says:

    I’m feeling very stupid: where do I use the Show

  13. jojo says:

    The 90° paper is in the cat’s basket – use the red fish from the kitchen to lure it away

  14. jojo says:

    flags go on the boat

  15. Laur says:

    *.* the symbols you are looking for are Show

    If you haven’t solved the books Show

    I can help with that.

  16. Reka says:


  17. Reka says:

    I get a red exclamation mark if I click on the boat.

  18. Laur says:

    Can anyone please help with the drink and the chest?

  19. Laur says:

    Reka, I know you need to use the Show

  20. Reka says:

    AH! The flags go Show

  21. jojo says:

    Just drag them onto the lines the run left and right from the mast

  22. *.* says:

    the only fish I have found is from the dining room and it’s grey with red fins. The cat just moves its head but doesn’t leave the basket. Can you be more specific?

  23. jojo says:

    right next to the grey fish is a red fish

  24. Reka says:

    Flag colors: Show

    Drink recipe: Show

  25. Reka says:

    I never did find any use for the gray fish.

  26. *.* says:

    so the red fish is the useful one and the grey fish is a red herring?

    seriously though, after I moved the cat I got outside and now I am making progress.
    Does anyone know what is the point of all the little numbers everywhere (roman 4 on the painting, 1 on the palm tree, 6 on the page of the book in the beach chair, etc?)

  27. Reka says:

    Number codes for treasure chest: Show

    I’m pretty sure neither these codes nor the flag colors change from game to game. (For that matter, neither does the morse code.)

  28. Laur says:

    Thank you so much Reka. I don’t feel so stupid now. I didn’t realize you could change the Show

    I hope this posts soon enough for you to see your thank you

  29. Capuccino says:

    Hi everybody! Great job you did up to now!
    I need your help, though! I’m stuck with the photo that I’m supposed to find in the clock, showing where is the treasure chest. I cant seem to find a hot spot to open the clock .. Is it while zooming on the clock numbers or on the table somewhere?

  30. jojo says:


    First scene (fireplace)

    go right (desk)

    go right (bed)

    go right (record player)

    go back to desk


    go back to fireplace

    go back to the bed


    go back to desk

    go to record player


    go to the bed

    go back to beach

    back to kitchen

    back to beach

    back to desk

    to the beach (last time)

  31. jojo says:


    you have to set the correct time before you can open the clock
    the time is written in a book on the beach…

  32. Capuccino says:

    Thanks Jojo, I already had settled it to 4:45.. but it doesn’t open.. Maybe a bug?? I’m not sure I feel like refreshing it though… I’ll follow your walktrough, to see if I missed something I shuld have done before!! And thanks for the walktrough, nice job!! :)

  33. Capuccino says:

    I finally redid it (with walkthrough, took me less time!) and now it works! Thanks again!!!

  34. TXGal says:

    WOW! That one was a real challenge! Good job everyone.

  35. lynn says:

    This is my morse code:

    I don’t know how to traslate it, can anybody help me?

  36. lynn says:

    This is my morse code:
    – –
    I don’t know how to translate it, can anybody help me?

  37. lynn says:

    Sorry, I was wrong, I got it:
    …_ _
    _ _ _ ..


  38. Jules says:

    Wow! Longest and probably one of the most complicated games I’ve played here!

    Congratulations and thank you to both Jojo and Reka!! Great job!

  39. Lou says:

    Ok…I have tried and tried and tried and can not figure out the code to the door….I think its going to make me crazy…i think the last number is 4 but im not even sure about that…are you supposed to leave the X mark when you do it?

  40. Natalie says:

    need help with clock. 16.45 for me it isn’t working.

  41. Natalie says:

    l’m out

  42. daisy says:

    i really need help with soduka puzzle. someone please help

  43. Thayna says:

    Hi. You all gave lots of help, but nothing works with the books. I’ve done EVERYTHING I could and nothing opened any panel or whatever. I hate games like this that leaves players stuck. Thank everybody who tried to help anyway.

  44. kat says:

    i still have absolutely NO idea of how to do the picture thing so i get my code for the patio door… i’ve spent hours trying and nothinggg!

  45. starfire says:

    Ok I have been trying to open the damn kitchen door with the hook for the past 10 minutes and if someone doesn’t tell me where on the door to open it I’m just going to give up.

  46. Blue says:

    Please help me with the book order!! i spent like 10 minutes with Ford Madox Ford!!!! HELP!!!!!!