Dassyutu 28: One Year

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Dassyutu 28: One YearDassyutu 28 – One Year is the latest installment in the Japanese Dassyutu Room Escape series created by Oshironoshiro. As usual with Oshironoshiro games, you are trapped in an unknown room and the door is locked. Weird game. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.20


8 Comments to Dassyutu 28: One Year

  1. ALB says:

    So far have Show

    . Stuck for the moment.

  2. daber says:

    same as alb…and stuck for the moment

  3. Mandy says:

    Alb, Im in the same place as you and Im stuck too

  4. daber says:

    OK so I was Show

    so I think I am out.

  5. daber says:

    not out really…must have been a bug of some sort

  6. Alexa Karuda says:

    @daber: That’s only one ending. It says in Japanese that in that ending, you decided to just play with the money and lost all interest in escaping.

    Guess there’s more endings….

  7. jojo says:

    Been to escape games and they figured it out – oh, what fun

    have a look at the blue and white painting, press replay, zoom in on the first sign in the second row (right click for zooming), pick up the white key, use it on the door and you’re out

    and, yes, I do know how to use spoilers but this crap isn’t worth the effort

    Worst game ever!

  8. hilman says:


    you’re right about the white key. lol.
    but i don’t know that it’s the worst game :)