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toys-300Toys After Cosmo, Room W & R and a few other Room Escape games, here is the latest game from Mydia, Toys!

For an unknown reason, you find yourself trapped in a room, and the exit door is locked!

If you already know Mydia’s work, you won’t be surprised to read that Toys is very nice looking and comes with no text at all!

That said, Toys is not an easy game, and you will need good eyes in this one!

Have fun!

Please be patient while the game is loading…

Toys walkthrough (thanks jojo!)

Toys video walkthrough!

By Eric

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29 Comments to Toys

  1. Natalie says:

    number 1?

  2. Natalie says:

    I have Show

  3. Natalie says:


  4. cainsfeel says:

    I’ve got Show

  5. Natalie says:


  6. sue says:

    hi just started

  7. sue says:

    put tile in door but stuck on code

  8. Subzero says:

    For the code on the door:Show

  9. sue says:

    does anyone no the code for the front door

  10. cainsfeel says:

    got to the very end, but stuck on the door code, sigh…

  11. Andy says:

    It won’t load for me, unfortunately.

  12. nick says:

    I managed to get something out of the rocking horse but I can’t find the place where it dropped.I’ve searched all over the room.can someone help me?

  13. Håkan says:


  14. Håkan says:

    what about the code for the door?

  15. nick says:

    nevermind I’ve found it.takes a little bit of pixel hunnting though-

    for door code:

    anyway I managed to find only the flag and the number.still working on the animal.I could brute force it though…

  16. nick says:

    ok out.for me the code was:

  17. nick says:

    the painting are actuallyShow

    google it to see how it works

  18. BoomBoxer says:

    cant load it

  19. Stupidcheeseboy says:

    503 :(

  20. AB says:

    Still 503!

  21. Raika says:



  22. Raika says:

    Somehow hint for the cabinet didn’t get in, so here it is…

    Green book: Show

    Red Book: Show

    Blue Book: Show

    So the code is


  23. smee says:

    painting above the couch

    Other painting:


  24. smee says:

    how do you get anything from the rocking horse?

  25. Reka says:

    I simply can’t get the magic eye things. Never could, actually.

    Smee, Show

  26. jojo says:

    Gumball machine


    when you insert the

    which you can take after you

  27. jojo says:



  28. Ivar says:

    The code to the door you get as previously said here by Show

    The top code on the door is Show

    The middle one is Show

    The bottom one is Show

  29. titouchou says:

    The link is broken… this one works
    Edit: links updated, thanks!