Meeblings 2

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Meeblings 2Meeblings 2Meeblings 2, the sequel to Meeblings is live!

Your goal in this new puzzle game from Ninjakiwi remains unchanged: get the target number of little Meeblings to any of the Way Out signs present in each level.

Just like the original game, Meeblings 2 features 50 levels of increasing difficulty and it introduces a new feature, a level editor to build your own levels! (via an external link)

And just like in the original game, you will need a bit of luck to complete some levels.

Hint: hold down your left mouse button over Chameebling to change it into the desired Meebling!

Have fun!

Meeblings 2 video walkthrough (thanks Tass!)

By Eric

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  1. DArk says:

    for level 9, turn the chameebling into a brown one (homeling). It’s too easy!