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Haluz 2: now FREE to play!

Categories: Adventure, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Walkthrough   35 comments - February 19, 2008

Haluz 2Haluz 2Haluz 2 is a popular Point’n’Click adventure game that was released last summer by Tomas K.

Strongly inspired by the work of Amanita Design and its famous Samorost series, Haluz 2 was originally released as a commercial game.

Tomas just sent us an email announcing that Haluz 2 is now FREE to play! Yes, the whole story is now playable in your favorite browser! That’s a great news for all Point’n’Click game fans!

Have fun!

Update: code levels for the second part in comment #8 (Thanks Scout!)

Update: Haluz 2 walkthrough in comment #15 (Thanks Scout!)

By Eric

current rating 4.38


Haluz 2

Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click   13 comments - August 21, 2007

Haluz 2Haluz 2Haluz is back! We’ve just received this morning an email from its Slovakian author, Tomas K., announcing the release of a sequel, Haluz 2.

Strongly inspired by the work of Amanita Design and its famous Samorost series, Haluz 2 looks even better than the first one and is really beautifully done.

Like Samorost 2 or Wogger, Haluz 2 is available in two parts: the first one that you can play for free within your browser, and the downloadable full version, available for $12.99 with soundtrack.

This sequel is truly superb but suffers from a major flaw: the TAB key is active in Haluz 2 and spoils all the fun! With its help, I was able to complete the game in just a few minutes!

Tomas should fix this issue ASAP or my bet is he won’t make any money from the full version! Update: Tomas sent us a word that he just updated Haluz 2. The TAB key is now useless!

Have fun!

Update: walthrough in comment #1 (thanks secret_player!)

By Eric

current rating 3.67


Categories: Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Walkthrough   70 comments - August 3, 2006

HaluzHaluzHaluz is a new very beautiful Point’n’Click adventure game, with the same unique atmosphere created by the author of the Samorost series.

Haluz is in fact highly similar in appearance with Samorost: the little hero and his surreal universe, the rocket used to chase the alien (here a large green bird), everything look familiar!

That being said, Haluz has its own story and its own puzzles to solve; not really tricky, but a bit harder than in Wogger, another Samorost-like reviewed a few weeks ago. If you enjoyed playing Samorost and/or Wogger, you will enjoy this one.

Have fun!

Update: I sent an email to the author, and here is his answer.

“My name is Tomas, I am 27 and I live in Slovakia. I wrote this game just for fun and in my free-time, it took me about 7 months:)
The reason why I made this game was that after playing Samorost I was so inspired that I had to make something similar:):)
I have a lot of photos from nature and this was the way how to use them in a funy way…
For all people that would like to know what Haluz means: it is a tree-branch in Slovak language, but it also means something weird, dream-like and funny (from the word “halucination”).”

Thanks Tomas for this great work!

Update: Haluz walkthrough in comment #3 

By Eric

current rating 3.80

Upon My World

Categories: Adventure, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Walkthrough   11 comments - November 24, 2009

Upon My WorldUpon My WorldUpon My World is a surreal Point’n’Click Adventure game created by Johanna Döring, 27.

The author obviously took her inspiration from games like Samorost, Wogger or Haluz. However, her graphic style is pretty unique.

The game tells the story of a little character who wakes up and decides to go explore his world.

Expect “a sinister twist in the end”, said Johanna.

Have fun!

Upon My World walkthrough (thanks Quazy!)

By Eric

current rating 3.29



Categories: Adventure, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Puzzle   24 comments - September 7, 2009

AlchemiaAlchemiaAlchemia is the latest Point’n’Click Adventure game created by Tomas K. (the author of the Haluz series) and Julian Winter.

“One summer night in a deep forest, strange events bring little hero and his misfortunate companion to underground caves and dungeons.

They discover a city hidden in the dark, with it’s white stone houses, long bridges, strange mechanic creatures and people skilled in ancient alchemic techniques.

However, the way back is closed and there seems to be no other way out. Is the little hero able to help his new friend? Will they escape dark tunnels?

AlchemiaAlchemia is a classical Point’n’Click Adventure game, but also has some innovations.

Many puzzles cannot be solved simply by clicking the objects in right order or in specific time, but you will have to use your brain a bit more and really understand the mechanics of the game. “

The team plans to create an extended version soon, containing four or five additional levels.

But it all depends on how people will like the game. Do you like it?

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.56

The Blue Beanie

Categories: Adventure, Flash, Free, Games, Online, Point'n'click, Puzzle   13 comments - May 17, 2009

The Blue BeanieThe Blue BeanieThe Blue Beanie is a beautiful Point’n’Click Adventure game created by Daphne Lim from Australia.

The Blue Beanie will remind you of the Samorost series or other great games like Haluz or Wogger inspired from this very popular series.

Nicely done, this game is very easy to complete, and it will entertain the entire family for sure.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.40

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