Gotmail – Pick Up

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Pick Up is a Room Escape game from IDAC, the team behind Talking Sheep,  Prank, The Cage, Ticket, Free Falling, JOBpico, Bon Voyage, The Daydream and so many other games!

Nice job as usual!

Have fun!

Update: 06.21.12. A new version is now available in English!

By Eric

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41 Comments to Gotmail – Pick Up

  1. ALB says:

    Here goes!

  2. Merlina says:

    Everything I’m finding is locked. All I have so far is Show

    Any help?

  3. Merlina says:

    Okay I got a lot further but am stuck again. I have to quit to do some work but I will go back to it later. So far I have:

  4. mammy says:

    juhu..easy..iam out..

  5. Merlina says:

    All done!

  6. daber says:

    so how does one register for gotmail? I go to the site…it’s all in Japanese.

  7. Ellen says:

    Hello,all i can find is a shovel and something behind picture on wall above the desk,can someone please tell me where to find some other items?i can’t use the shovel and don’t know where to use the pincet that was behind picture,thank you!

  8. Ellen says:

    daber,when you open the game there is on the right side some space for writing your e-mail and your chosen password,then you can open the game.

  9. daber says:

    Ellen, I just keep getting another’s a cycle I can’t figure out. What do you click on after you’ve filled in the blanks?

  10. daber says:

    anyone still playing? can you help me figure out how to sign up?

  11. Emilio says:

    one of the passwords seemed a bit racist lol.

  12. Lorena says:

    anybody still there?

  13. dmq says:

    is anyone still here??

  14. dmq says:

    i used Show

  15. dmq says:

    oh still have screwdriver too

  16. Ellen says:

    daber,when you click on have fun,a black page opens,right?
    and then you click on the chinese signs and another page opens,there you can fill in on the right side your e-mail address and your chosen password,then normally the game opens and it takes a while to upload the game,this is how it should work,that’s all i can explain to help you to open the game,good luck daber;)

  17. barnabas says:

    i need help! Any1 there? i’ve put battery in laptop but it only gives me a blank screen! How do i go from here? Left only the locked bag under d sofa not solve. :(

  18. barnabas says:

    Nvr mind. Out!

  19. jennifer says:

    Nice game!
    Walkthrough [Edit: this walkthrough is for the 2009 version of the game and may be no longer accurate]

  20. nancy wood says:

    I have never been able to register at gotmail. Would someone mind writing step by step instructions and which buttons to click. I very much like the gotmail games but often am unable to plan.

  21. Ellen says:

    Nice game! Out.

  22. spi says:

    have also troubles to register to gotmail…

  23. Ellen says:

    people who have trouble with starting the game,PLEASE READ MY COMMENT :
    Ellen,24 april 2009 at 8.31 pm !

  24. nancy wood says:

    ellen, your instructions are for logging in, not registering. When I follow your instructions it says my e-mail and password are invalid. That means I am not registered. If you can, Please give instructions for registering not logging in .

  25. Ellen says:

    ok,then i was wrong…i can’t remember how i registered myself,then i have to go back to the game and see how i did it,i’ll let you know if i have found it out,okeeejj?i’ll do my best to let you know asap ! (as soon as possible).

  26. Ellen says:

    this is how i registered myself,you go to,a page opens
    then you click on the LEFT SIDE IN THE CORNER ON GOTMAIL
    then another page opens,then you fill in e-mail address and password and then you click on the PINK COLOR JAPANESE LANGUAGE,that’s how i registered myself,and when that’s done,you can start playing the game,after loggin in offcourse,that’s how i did it,good luck !

  27. funnymonkey says:

    why can’t go into the game???

  28. ktkelley says:

    Thanks Ellen… I never got any kind of email confirmation and everytime I try to register it says that I already have but I can’t seem to log in! UGh I want to play this game!!

  29. ktkelley says:

    FYI if anyone needs help translating the registering page or login page go to You can cut and paste Japanese texts to translate it

  30. Libby says:

    this link worked for me, and I didn’t have to sign up for anything

  31. monador says:

    for the Walkthrough — what board with 4 pictures????????????????

    • Lizzy says:

      I have found that with most gotmail games the game is change with the making of the english version. So the old walkthrough wont help you at all! I’ve made some progress with this one, let me know where you’re stuck, maybe I can help.

  32. Lizzy says:

    What I’ve found so far:

    What I’ve done so far:

    So this is where I’m stuck…

  33. ptesau says:

    Exactly the same as Lizzy.
    I think the codes on both tablets are the same but written in different “languages” (what makes me say that is that they both contain 5 caracters).
    Once you find the key of that code you just have to use it on the security box under the sofa, using the clue from the books.

    Anybody can help ?

  34. Naomii says:

    Lizzy and ptesau :

    for the tablets

  35. goldie says:

    Fin, thnx all.

  36. YY says:

    finally DONE =)
    took some time to solve the password Show

    • Anchiba says:

      Hello, you all,but I don’t get it. I put two phones together and I don’t understand what with the code. Please help!

      • ch4n says:

        once you put the two cell phones (tablets) together, then you’ll get a mapping of symbols which represent 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Then you can use this info to decode the password that you got from the book to open the briefcase under the sofa