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kdicekdiceRemember Dice Wars, this Risk-like game developed by Taro Ito from Game Design? kdice, a multi player version of Dice Wars, was released in beta version on December 1st by Ryan Dewsbury, with the same set of rules as the original.

I visited the site several times during the last three days: you need to register first before being able to play, but the experience really worth it!

As I read somewhere, luck is a big part of the game. And you will have to wait sometimes several minutes before a new game starts; and yes, there seems to be some freeze issues with the game at the time of writing (at least it happened to some of us).

Having said that, playing kdice with six other players is definitely a lot of fun and you can’t miss this one: have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.67


4 Comments to kdice

  1. emma says:

    your games are ace !!!!!!!

  2. TECK says:

    kdice is dying because:

    1) server issues – freezes all the time
    2) secret alliances – makes playing less enjoyable; you are being killed off (by the alliances) before you can even enjoy the game and lost points all the time
    3) offensive chat and avatars – not kid safe avatars; offensive, racist chat and avatars
    4) the developer – he is ignoring all these issues and let people continue. no formal complain procedure in place and a few regular players and donors seem to have a huge influence on the developer’s decision

    nice concept, bad execution……….

  3. irishdelight says:

    The game is stupid anyway. For a strategy game the luck factor weighs much to heavy! A game like kdice that uses the “Axis & Allies” dice mechanisms would be appreciated!

  4. warren says:

    kdice is a good game