The Guardian: a Heroes Beginning

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The Guardian: a Heroes BeginningThe Guardian: a Heroes BeginningIn The Guardian, a Heroes Beginning, a new adventure RPG game from Matt Vile, “the day begins just as any normal day in Nevaeh Village.

Our hero begins the day to find out that he has been summoned by the village guardian “Conrad”. You quickly realize that you will need a sword and shield to make your way into the forest where he is located.

But once there you find out that there is more going on then you had originally thought, and your being dragged into something that you may not be ready for.”

Inspired from Zelda series, The Guardian may  appeal to adventure RPG fans.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.31


80 Comments to The Guardian: a Heroes Beginning

  1. zahid says:

    ?? how do i heal myself?

  2. zelad says:

    where do you get the wood from?

  3. Emily says:

    How do you make a sword and why can’t I talk to grandma?

    • Tahmaali says:

      I dont really think the woman in the grandma’s house is actually grandma.
      And to get the sword you need:

      1. A SACK OF WOOD
      you can get that from a man that u see @ night. He is next to the potion store.
      He’ll ask if u want a special gift, say yes, it cost 5 Rubees

      2. IRON SHARD
      you buy the iron shard from the shop. click the think that looks like a pen. I’m pretty sure it cost 10-20 Rubees.

  4. qwerty321 says:

    where do i get the sword?

  5. Em says:

    I can’t find the sword. I gave the guy the stuff. Then I forgot to read what he said. what does he say??????

  6. Cole says:

    What do i do after i get the mask?

  7. Lim says:

    How do I get the shield??

  8. Anonymous says:

    where is the potion shop

  9. halloa says:

    go to menu by pressing spacebar then click on items oand the click on a red bottle leave menu and press d

  10. dylan says:


  11. dylan says:


  12. dylan says:

    nevermind i found iron

  13. dylan says:

    how do i deafeat big boulder thingy?

  14. k-o-a-l-a says:

    how to find the shield?

  15. K.T says:

    how do i deafeat giant bubble thing

  16. AnimeKay? says:

    once you’ve got the sword and shield I went up to the guy, but he still wont let me pass

  17. joe4144 says:

    hey its my first game but when i killed goblin monster and exit to the road it was a game over what did i do wrong?