Crazy Pool 2

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Crazy Pool 2Crazy Pool 2Crazy Pool 2 has just been released a few days ago at 2DPlay. This sequel to Crazy Pool features 30 brand new levels, with new obstacles like teleporters, fans and frozen balls.

The goals in the Crazy Pool series are the same as those of a conventional pool games: remove all the balls from the table. But there is not a single pocket on the table, so you won’t sink balls in holes here. All you will have to do instead is to hit two balls of the same color together to make them disappear!

You must use the white ball for you first shot; after that, you can use any remaining ball, and you don’t even need to wait for a ball to stop before shooting it again. Sounds crazy, no?

Use your mouse to click a ball, hold down your left button and drag to aim and reach the desired power; then release the mouse button to shot.

Several obstacles were implemented in Crazy Pool: bombs, color changers, bumpers, magnets and anti-magnets. You will find them again in Crazy Pool 2, plus the new ones mentioned above. You will even find several really disturbing “shot-in-the-dark” levels in Crazy Pool 2!

With two minutes available in each level, you won’t feel so much pressure to clear the table, at least for the 20 first levels.

Crazy Pool 2 is definitely and without any doubt the craziest pool game available online: if you’re looking for a classic pool game, don’t even think about this one! But if you don’t like pool game rules and just want to have fun, then have fun!


Crazy PoolAnd if you want more, you can also have a look to the original game, Crazy Pool. Expect at least half an hour to complete the 30 levels in both games. You need to register first if you want to enter the high score hall of fame. Have fun!

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