SSSC – Mini Escape

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SSSC - Mini EscapeSSSC – Mini Escape is a new installment in the Secret Society Strawberry Cocktail series. You find yourself trapped in a new Japanese Room Escape game, when you realize that unlike the original, this one is all in Japanese and the TAB key doesn’t help anymore: ouch! Have fun!

By Eric

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13 Comments to SSSC – Mini Escape

  1. YY says:

    first! and out with a “cake end”…
    does this means there is another ending???

  2. YY says:

    ummm… just tried again and got a “puding end” this time.
    keep trying… bcoz i still cant get pass to that cat behind the door.
    i guess there may be more than two endings???

  3. Totenkopf says:

    found Show

  4. lou says:

    what do i do with the wall please

  5. Totenkopf says:

    I came out from the room with bricks and now can’t get in again!

  6. lou says:

    where did u find the red paper please

  7. Totenkopf says:

    the paper is light blue, and is in drawer
    I found also Show

  8. Totenkopf says:

    out with cake end

  9. lou says:

    u have to make the portrait be claer red button above it then use the gold key to get in room with bricks

  10. val says:

    hello so you have a number in the photo whith the bird its 469
    this for the door and he take you a knife or something like this and you go to the room whith the wall and you take the paper whith the red thing on the wall
    and you have a place whith the red think you take the knife and the wall its opening and you are the girl and take her the cake and your out
    sorry for my english im french girl

  11. Nerenia says:

    I cant find the blue paper you are all talking about. I enter the room with the wall, I already have the sword but that’s it. Any help?

  12. Aashwin says:

    I keep getting stuck at random places…. Looks good though