Pet Escape

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Pet EscapePet EscapeThe 57th Room Escape game from 123Bee, Pet Escape, is live!

No more sinking car in this one, but a few “adorable pets”!

“Your pet is caught in mouse trap and you are sitting on the top of a tree.

You can’t get down, as dangerous animals surround the area.

Make the animals to get away from the place, and help your pet to make an escape from the trap.”

How the heck did you end up in such a situation? 

Have fun!

Pet Escape walkthrough (thanks Myoma!)

By Eric

current rating 2.60


40 Comments to Pet Escape

  1. Em says:

    going to try now!

  2. Fanny says:


  3. Em says:

    where did you find root?

  4. Em says:

    found it…

  5. Em says:

    hm..cant take the slingshot.. How did you do?

  6. Fanny says:

    Well, yeah, it’s to the right of “YourSelf”

  7. Fanny says:


  8. Tomorrow, I'll be you says:

    where is hook?

  9. Em says:

    what is a lace? dont have that yet..

  10. Em says:

    I think hook was Show

  11. Tomorrow, I'll be you says:

    for lace Show

  12. Em says:

    stuck,.. brooke the bowl

  13. Fanny says:

    Then you’re at the same point as me, Em – can’t seem so use anything on me anymore. Can you? I think this game is kinda glitchy..

  14. crkone says:


  15. Tomorrow, I'll be you says:

    Nothing else for me either

  16. Wes says:


  17. Fanny says:

    crkone, how did you do that: “break branch in front of you. hit water. hit eggs. hit tree where eggs were? I can’ t hit or break anything after destroying the bowl?

  18. Wes@Hong Kong says:


    I feel said destroying the eggs

  19. crkone says:

    I don’t know it just happened by random clicking. It think it fell from just in front of Yourself.

  20. poil says:

    shoot orange on very left

  21. Hels says:

    Fanny, you have to Show

  22. Kasana says:

    All animals are free!!

  23. Hels says:

    Kasana, what did you do after Show

  24. poil says:


  25. Wes@Hong Kong says:



    Is it a bug?

  26. poil says:

    Down !

  27. poil says:


  28. Hels says:

    OK, Show

    You’re out!

  29. crkone says:

    Yeah its a bit buggy. I wasShow

  30. Fanny says:

    Seriously – I feel like a total idiot. Broke the Fish Bowl and can’t seem to use the slingshot after that. Maybe I hit the wall too hard…?

  31. funnymonkey says:

    walkthrough please

  32. funnymonkey says:

    how to use the slingshot?

  33. Myoma says:


    Just putting it all together, thanks to all the help that was already here

  34. zoeface says:

    Fanny – my game did the same thing, you just need to reload it and start again

  35. vanni ogg says:

    where is “small piece of fruit at left of screen”? can’t find it

  36. vanni ogg says:

    power of posting! got it

  37. mcj says:

    what your score
    my score is 301

  38. Mila says:

    Cant find small piece of fruit?

  39. score: 20408
    the 2 times clicking on the tree leaves above, must be quick, when you click the 2nd time the bird go away. the small piece of fruit at left is one of the 3 fruit on the top left (the 1st one on the left). :)
    weeeeeeeeeeeeee my mouse-pet is free ^^

  40. chantel says:

    how do u get ride of the dog?