Deducting Deductions

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Deducting DeductionsIn Deducting Deductions, your goal is to solve the Murder of Mr. Old Man Oliver and report to Scotland Yard. This Point’n’Click murder mystery is inspired by stickville murder mysteries. Look around for clues, pay attention and use correct grammar! Have fun!

Deducting Deductions walkthrough (thanks Cmonnom!)

By Eric

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19 Comments to Deducting Deductions

  1. Venessa says:

    I found Show

    now I’m stuck. Anyone found anything else?

  2. Countess_Deecula says:


  3. Countess_Deecula says:

    Soz forgot to say Show

  4. Cmonnom says:


  5. Cmonnom says:

    Answers :





  6. Cmonnom says:

    A bit disappointing…

  7. dmq says:

    didn’t anyone call the phone number on the note

  8. Miss D says:

    @ Cmonnom: Those answers don’t seem to work for me. All he says is that I should get back to work when I tell him the second answer. What did I do wrong?

  9. Cmonnom says:

    Miss D,
    The game doesn’t allow much freedom on the typing so be careful with captions, points, empty space, etc.
    If, you need, copy and paste my answers. Watch out for any extra space at the end.

    Good luck!

  10. meowwoof says:

    I thought it was fun! One of the games I could do all on my own, no weird hidden hotspots, everything was straightforward. And all the clues were visible. Nothing hidden under or behind anything (well, the note by the bookstore, but the edge was sticking out)

    dmq, I called the number on the note. Go back to the room you started in and there was a phone there.

    As to the answers you had to type in, mine were slightly different but they worked for me:

  11. Miss D says:

    @ Cmonnom: I tried it again and this time everything worked properly. Maybe I used one too many spaces the first two times.

    Fun game, but very short.

  12. meowwoof says:

    Sorry, typo in my previous post!

    Answer for who was MURDERER (not who was murdered) was

  13. ^_^Zam^_^ says:

    I got it..! Finished it at last..!


  14. new 1 says:

    So can any1 tell me the correct Answer

  15. new 1 says:

    To Zam
    you have finished it, OK I agree but How

  16. nidhelp says:


  17. arianna says:

    I typed in mr. old man oliver but he said: “What! I think you should get back to work what do I do help!

  18. ^_^ Zam^_^ says:

    arianna it’s Old Man Oliver

  19. ^_^ Zam^_^ says:

    The Answers Are: