Death Vs Monstars

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Death Vs MonstarsDeath Vs MonstarsDeath Vs Monstars is a “super frantic, super intense manic arena shooter with incredible swarms of monsters, big guns, upgrades, havoc, and a unique control system.”

Created by the folks from GameReclaim (HDOS Databank Request 01) , the game introduces two unique things. “First the not-so traditional control scheme. Don’t worry, You’ll get used to it and after that it’s much better than the old “wasd + mouse”. The other is the engine. It can move up to 1000 stuff on-screen with ease on a decent pc!”

Move around with the mouse. Your hero (death) autofires. Click and hold Mouse button to “strafe”. Double click when the anger bar is full to go berserk. Press and hold spacebar to use bullet-time slow motion.

Death Vs Monstars in one word: great!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.20


6 Comments to Death Vs Monstars

  1. hootie says:

    This game is addicting and fun. i’m glad it’s not too long though. i don’t think i can beat the boss. i like the game play and controls

  2. Toxic says:

    I couldn’t go beserk :-(

  3. FyreNWater says:

    This is the BEST shooter I’ve played in years. The controls are unique, yet intuitive. After a few minutes, I realized that it’s vastly superior to the traditional WASD & mouse controls. Strafing has never been more natural or easy. I hope this style gets used in more games!

    The music is AMAZING. I immediately went to the musician’s pages to download the songs. They’re catchy and upbeat, a perfect fit for such a frantic game. Brings to mind classic Japanese shooters, with some new inspirations thrown in.

    Graphics are simple, yet look good. It’s a good thing it’s simple, because sometimes the screen is literally full of enemies and bullets. Some enemies look too similar to money for my taste, but maybe it was designed to be hard to tell apart!

    Weapons and abilities are superb. One of few games that makes good use of bullet time, which you WILL need to use in later levels. The berserk power up takes out a good chunk of enemies, with the added bonus of turning enemy bullets into money. That’s right: bullets into money! What’s there not to love?


    I haven’t enjoyed a flash game this much in years. I truly hope to see more. Dare I say that this looks like a good candidate to port to the Nintendo DS? :D

  4. David says:

    Can’t beat the one before boss D:

  5. David says:

    Overall, this is one of the best games I’ve played online.

  6. Davidlyhrocks says:

    This game is weird