Bullet Bill 2

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Bullet Bill 2Bullet Bill 2Bullet Bill 2 was released yesterday and is available on Psy-City.co.uk. The author, Ian Kelly, 14, from Scotland, revamped and improved the original Bullet Bill, a simple side-scroller inspired from the Super Mario Bros. world, in which you have to avoid dangerous obstacles like platforms or walls.

The controls are now with the mouse instead of the arrow keys and you will also find a checkpoint in every level, so if you die after reaching this checkpoint, you won’t have to go back to the beginning of the current level anymore.

With much more levels, better graphics and the new mouse controls, Bullet Bill 2 is a nice improvement to the previous version (check both to see the difference). That being said, like any other side-scroller, Bullet Bill 2 suffers from being repetitive, but is a nice experience for a short break.

Have fun!

Note: loading the game can take a while. Please be patient.

By Eric

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3 Comments to Bullet Bill 2

  1. James White says:

    Here are the level codes:


    Character Codes:

  2. Fandra Wilson says:

    This is such a fun game. I really enjoy it. The unlockable characters create a replay value and up the fun factor!! 10/10!!!

    ~A FAN!!

  3. lewman says:

    the last character code helps because you are invincible with it