Kerrocchi’s Escape from the Ranch

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Kerrocchi's Escape from the RanchKerrocchi's Escape from the RanchKerrocchi’s Escape from the Ranch is the latest Room Escape game developed by Bianco Bianco, the author of Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Cafe,  Escape from the Factory, Escape to KARAKURI, Colony Odyssey and many more.

This game seems to be the first episode of a new series involving Ronron, an adorable sheep and Kerrocchi, an adorable frog that can’t swim!

Wait… did I say adorable?

Anyway, help Kerrocchi escape from the ranch. Nice, and very easy!

Have fun!

Escape from Dr. Ichie’s Cafe video walkthrough!

By Eric

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14 Comments to Kerrocchi’s Escape from the Ranch

  1. Jole says:

    first and out… easy and nice..

  2. DaRkMaN says:

    2nd :)

  3. Lizzy says:

    Cute game.

  4. neko_diego says:

    Yep, easy! I got a good end, anyone had another one?

  5. DaRkMaN says:

    stuck looool


  6. Em says:

    I´m out. Didn´t use the Show

  7. noë says:

    This game is funny but Easy and short.

  8. laughingpoodle says:

    The End? Very short.

  9. Andy says:

    What do you do with the stick?

  10. Andy says:

    Power of posting. Never mind.

  11. Tom says:



  12. 123game says:

    any one here

  13. 123game says:

    thanks for the walkthrough the only part i needed was where to put the twig

  14. goldie says:

    Good End!!!! thnx All .