20′ Lockers Escape

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20' Lockers Escape20' Lockers EscapeThe 48th Room Escape game from 123Bee, 20′ Lockers Escape, is live!

No more girl in this one, but many, many lockers!

“You are locked up in a lockers room.

You will have to escape from the room by using the objects and hints.”

Hum, I can see the lockers, but where is the exit door?!

Have fun!

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By Eric

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40 Comments to 20′ Lockers Escape

  1. Crool says:

    Hi Eric, the link doesn’t work for me. It says it’s gone or moved…

  2. Eric says:

    @Crool – ‘Morning! Sorry about that, I messed up with the Have fun link. It works now. Have a good day!

  3. Crool says:

    Thx Eric!!

  4. Crool says:

    Tip for the ones who are playing, write down the codes for the lockers you opend somewhere, because only the lockers you opened with a key stay open. the locker opened by a code are closed again…

  5. Crool says:

    G = Show

    there is also a key hidden in G

    D = Show

    II = already open

    E = Show

    blue key goes on Show

    first key goes on Show

    key from G goes on Show

    code from FF goes Show

    diamond goes Show

    I also opened the collorcode locker by trying, but nothing in there.
    The collor code in H doesn’t say anything to me at the moment.

  6. Crool says:

    oke collor code for panel in H = Show

  7. Crool says:

    Key from H goes Show

  8. Crool says:

    Code from H goes on Show

    Seems nothing in there, but if you zoom in at J now, I + J stays open together ??

  9. Crool says:

    Key from H goes in Show

    got digging bar

    Writting down the codes I have so far:

    so for now A, C, F, H, J unsolved
    B, D, E, G, I solved

  10. Crool says:

    oh B= 1020 NOT 2010 see #9

  11. Crool says:

    Have tried the tools in every safe now what was unsolved, no luck. But on the other locks, the lock with the bear “FF” I give him back the stick and hit him with the hammer, got Show

    so the code for “C” = Show

    got a nail

    The nail goes Show

    this goes on “F” so code for F= Show

    there is another collorcode

  12. Crool says:

    hahaha guess that the collorcode for “J” we already have :)

  13. Crool says:

    can’t get stick back from bear and didn’t used it yet

  14. Crool says:

    also didn’t use digging bar yet

  15. Crool says:

    ah for the stickproblem : Show

    This key goes on Show

    got another code and see a painting with boy and bear.
    Code Show

    but can’t find a place for this code, only A and J left for a code

  16. Crool says:

    A finaly found a place to use digging bar. Show

    got another key
    Key goes Show

    got green triangle

    Green triangle goes Show

    got sun and red object now. Rember the locker where shapes have to be placed:
    locker Show

    got another code Show

    This code goes on locker A, got screwdriver

    So solved al the code lockers now








    H= red diamond

    J= Show

  17. Crool says:

    now the digging bar works on a place I already tried before :(
    remember the two open lockers if you zoom in? Show

    use the bar there and make one locker of it.

    Als the hammer works there now

    than useShow

    and you’re finaly OUT, pffff

  18. DaRkMaN says:

    i will play this now :)

  19. Crool says:

    Don’t need a walkthrough, because I wrote everything already down in order, it’s in the comments #5 to #17. Good luck

  20. DaRkMaN says:


  21. Lizzy says:

    Crool, any spesific place to click for key hidden in G? I cant find it.

  22. Crool says:

    @Lizzy Show

  23. Ciria says:

    out! Thanks to everyone!

  24. Crool says:

    @Darkman, it’s in the only open locker at the startShow

  25. Lizzy says:

    Thanx Crool

  26. fiddle and herman says:

    im out as well, thanx crool for all the tips. Great game, although I can’t see how you could possibly end up in a place surrounded by 20 lockers and no visible door!

  27. DaRkMaN says:

    OUT! nice game not so hard and there is 1 bad thing in it that you must try 10 lockers when you get a code or a key :)

    but its great

  28. Gretchen says:

    I can’t get the nail to work in lockers I & J. I’m stuck in here forever then! LOL

  29. Crool says:

    Gretchen, the the digger bar goes there (if you used him in the corner before), the nail goes in locker AA

  30. brin3m says:

    diary in locker? not on my screen?
    when i opened the locker it was empty
    any ideas?

  31. brin3m says:

    sorry wrong locker, somehow i open j without knowing how, thought it was already open……found other locker that had diary!

  32. MuffyGirlBaby says:

    I don’t get this game at all:( and I have zero patience.

  33. taurus59 says:

    I appreciate walkthroughs but would rather have clues to solve the game myself than be given the codes without any explanation how they were decoded; also in this game the codes change and/or work on different lockers.

  34. taurus59 says:

    For anyone who wants to solve the game themselves: Find the only unlocked locker; the first clue is “Page No.s” and the next locker and code can be found in the diary. Show

  35. Crool says:

    @taurus59, All the codes are explained in the comments 5 to the first half of 16. After that I made a list of the codes just to inventaries the codes. So if you start reading at comment 5, there is every code explaned ;) Sorry didn’t want to ruin the fun by making that list (in the 2nd half of comment 16).
    (I also used spoilers so that everyone can make a choise to read it or not, with an explanation about the text that’s hidden ;) )

    Hope you enjoyed it anyway :)

  36. taurus59 says:

    Crool, my diary clue was for locker “e”, only a few of your codes were the same as mine, and none of your codes/keys opened the same lockers as mine, so that’s why I couldn’t follow your reasoning, and I just needed help figuring out the very first locker/diary clue. That said, I’ve used your tips in lots of games, and as always appreciate your help.

  37. Crool says:

    Hi taurus, thx for your comment and compliment. That makes my day shinning! :)
    Didn’t know that it changes every time, so I missunderstood your comment before, sorry.
    See you, enjoy your day.

  38. Sol says:

    Can’t find the diary.
    Have examined all lockers, but can only open the one with the colour code, and it’s empty. Is that a bug??

  39. Crool says:

    @Sol, the diary is in the locker left of the one with the colour code your talking about.

  40. soozee says:

    The bamboo stick didn’t work on the eyes. :( I give up. And 1020 didn’t work on B.