Valentine Escape

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Valentine Escape Valentine Escape is the latest Room Escape game by Twinkle, the author of Escape of Purple Door 4 – Santa’s Home, Chika Christmas Escape, The Wizard of Oz, Escape of Purple 3, Trick or Treat and many more. A game recommended for all romantic lovers! Have fun!

Valentine Escape walkthrough in comment #37 (thanks Countess_Deecula!)

By Eric

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38 Comments to Valentine Escape

  1. Ralf says:

    First? Have I played it before?? Looks like a house from Dracula game, hm…

  2. Eli says:

    Yes, looks like an old one, but different!
    Found Show


    Do you know how?

  3. Eli says:

    Yes! Found how to take the key Show

  4. seku says:

    you need a stick for key.
    stick :Show

  5. Ralf says:

    Take Show

    . I have all letters but L and U, and there’s nothing else I can find. I also need to open the safe

  6. seku says:

    safe : Show

    Do you have any idea about dinner table? I clicked everywhere but nothing.

  7. Eli says:

    I also found Show

    but I can’t imagine where to use it…

  8. Eli says:

    Sorry I meant the closet where the books are (refer to post # 7)

  9. Eli says:

    Power of posting! Show

  10. seku says:

    I dont have anything on the closet :S
    are we need to do something on it?

  11. Ralf says:

    Eli, Show

  12. Ralf says:

    seku, her name is Show

  13. seku says:

    worked on wrong closet :P

  14. Ralf says:

    How do I use Show

  15. seku says:

    ok only need u and I think its related with cat?

  16. Ralf says:

    power of posting here))

  17. Ralf says:

    maybe U is in the grave too? I remember from Dracula game there were 2 codes for it. Am I right?..

  18. seku says:

    safe : Show

  19. Eli says:

    Sorry I created confusion with the top of the wrong closet!
    Thanks Ralf, I found it!
    Ralf, for the safe: Show

  20. seku says:

    I tried the 12.22 on the grave but not work for me or I have to click wrong spots

  21. Ralf says:

    Thank you guys, I’ve figured it)

  22. Countess_Deecula says:

    I’m having trouble with the grave too.

  23. Eli says:

    Seku Show

    Anyone found the U?

  24. Countess_Deecula says:

    figure the grave. Show

  25. Ralf says:

    Countess, we did. I just think there’s a second code for the grave

  26. seku says:

    just tried if there is 2 code like ralf said (refer to post # 17) but its not work

  27. Countess_Deecula says:

    i did the time on the picture and that didn’t work then i did the time on the clock. Maybe we needed to use both times.

  28. Eli says:

    Ralf I remember the same from the previous game… but I can’t figure any other codes! Also think something should happen around the table and chairs… nothing move in there…

  29. Countess_Deecula says:

    did u do the time usimg 24 hr time and not 12 hour time? 24 hr time worked for me which would mean that Show

  30. Ralf says:

    Countess, it’s a date in the picture. Date when the portrait was painted. Still stuck on U…

  31. seku says:

    back to the dinner table and cat but nothing happen :( and checked the basement again but still nothing!!!!

  32. seku says:

    heyooo found the U :))))))))))

    U : Show

  33. Countess_Deecula says:

    i’m out, u don’t do anything with the table and chairs or the cat, lemmi go through the game again and i’ll post a walkthrough.

  34. Ralf says:

    YEY! Thank you!

  35. Eli says:

    Thanks you guys! I was feeling so stupid! Night

  36. Countess_Deecula says:

    bear with me my pc has gone slow and i have to reboot

  37. Countess_Deecula says:



  38. kendall says:

    oh wow. it’s such a sad little game.