Crystal Clear

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Crystal ClearCrystal ClearCrystal Clear is a new puzzle game released a few days ago by Florin and his team at Gamesheep. This game is a sort of sequel to the nice and addictive puzzler Five, previously reviewed on FreeGamesNews.

The rules and the controls are identical in both games: match 5 or more crystals with the same color to remove them from the board. Use your mouse to select a crystal and move it to its new destination. 3 new crystals appear randomly on the board after each move.

A few power-ups are now available in Crystal Clear: Broken Crystals explode when they disappear, removing all the adjacent crystals and Heart Crystals change the color of nearby crystals once arrived to they destination. You will also have to deal with Locked Crystals that can’t be moved.

It’s always amazing to notice how small additions such as these few power-ups can deeply change a gameplay: it’s all now about keeping your Heart Crystals free to move and trying to build the largest groups of crystals as possible to maximize your score.

Another improvement is the Shape bonus: try to reproduce on the board the same shape as the one shown at the right bottom of the game window to get a bonus.

Everything in Crystal Clear is nicely done: the graphics are bright and colorful, the music is peaceful and I didn’t notice any flaw.

Overall, Crystal Clear is a very nice and simple puzzler, probably more addictive and much longer than Five. Highly recommended!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


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