Virus 2

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Virus 2Virus 2Virus 2 is a little Flash puzzler found at Arcadetown in which you have to grow a virus to fill the playfield made of hexagonal cells in a limited turns.

You start from the left bottom cell. Use your mouse to select a color at the bottom of the game window: this will change the color of your virus and assimilate all the adjacent cells with the same color.

35 turns are available to complete the first level, 34 turns for the second one, 33 for the third one and so on.

If you shouldn’t have any problem with the first levels, higher levels need more concentration and are very difficult to complete in 25 turns or less. I read somewhere on Arcadetown that “assimilating the cells close to you isn’t as important as spreading fast horizontally and vertically”: it sounds like a good advice!

With a nice and simple concept, Virus 2 should keep you busy for 15-30 minutes. Have fun!

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By Eric

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  1. Sarah says:

    fun game :)