Super Stacker 2

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Super Stacker 2Super Stacker 2Super Stacker is back! Super Stacker 2 offers 40 new levels of increasing difficulty, a stack editor and revamped graphics.

Click to place the next shape in the queue.

Your final stack must survive 10 seconds!

Much much better than the original!

Have fun!

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Super Stacker 2 video walkthrough (thanks Tasselfoot!)

By Eric

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100 Comments to Super Stacker 2

  1. tgl says:

    how do beat level 39?

  2. Elmo says:

    how do you beat level 25??

  3. BBplay says:

    how do u beat level 25????????

  4. M says:

    wow, everyones on really high leverl, i’m struggling on level 18 any tips?

  5. kat says:

    18==use square it gives you till is say use circles ok?====youve seen the bars so stack it just enough room to the side so you have a space 4 them, the blocks reach to the very tippy top but that does not matter…use the bars and put them straight up agenst the will have i over so NOW put it on the bottom left circle it will lean but make it long enough

  6. KELLY says:


  7. vicky says:

    level 19 help!?!?!

  8. Justin says:

    Help level 29

  9. Mango says:

    Help please, level 39 is so hard!!!!! but level 19 is EASY. First, plock a square on both sides of the block provided,leaving a space. then put the rectangular block on top. now put two squares on top of that, leaving a space between too. repeat until you get to the circles. put two circles in each space. See? just read the TITLE, it gives you a hit o what the tower-thigy should look like at the end.

  10. Mango says:

    oops, sorry, make that four blocks o each side. eek!

  11. Kayleigh says:

    Im on level 40 and stuck!!

    • jacob says:

      how did you pass level 39i m stuck

      • bowhunter78 says:

        stack the square blocks straight up leaving a small gap on the right side of the base block. stack them as straight as you can (the last 5 will be wobbly no matter how straight they are). place the last few as fast as you can then place the tall pole on the ball on the left, leaning right. drop the long pole on the ball on the right and the space you left on the base block and finally place the triangle at the far right of the long pole for a back stop.

  12. melo says:

    first you should build the tower of the middle and you will see how you pass the level LEVEL 25[

  13. TsD_Torment says:

    Anyone know how to get 27?

  14. TsD_Torment says:

    Nevermind… i got it :)

  15. rk says:

    how do u beat level 26

  16. meagan says:

    how do i beat level 6 :(

  17. Kevin says:

    Is level 39 Even Beatable

  18. John says:

    i am having the hardest time beating leval 35!!!!!!!!!1

  19. anonymous says:

    yes level 39 is beatable!!! you just stack those little squares to the top and put the the big rectangle in the left and it will then push ithe blocks to the right… and the long flat rectangle you just place it on the floor on that rectangle you stacked on and the small yellow circle and put the triangle in the right side of the screen so the squares wont go to the right and fall off…
    so there you go!!!

  20. lol says:

    How u get past 39?

  21. maz says:


  22. maz says:

    level 6= 2 purples at each end on triangle(thinest bit) then put circles in front so do not roll away

  23. camille♥tg says:

    i beat all the levels now im doing them out of order which is really hard

  24. Brownie says:

    I need help with 27?? Please HELP!! SOS

  25. Brownie says:

    nvm!!! I got it!! lol

  26. stack says:

    how do u beat level 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  27. um.... says:

    level 18 is beatable it took me hours! you stack all the blocks and then the bars you lean up against the smily faces and it leans up against the blocks

  28. Jesus Gonzalez says:

    how do you beat level 21? tried everything and can not complete it any help?

    • sam says:

      level 21: stack the long rectangles on 1st then put the other on top of those 2 then put the 1 big square on 1 side and the other on the other side then put the circle in between them then put the big triangle on top of all tht then put all the little small rectangles in side there like a Z.
      then put the balls in ther and let them role to the bottom….easyyyyy

  29. Claudia Meccia says:

    How do you do level 39 its like impossible
    Can sum 1 PLZZZZ help me??!!

  30. TOGO says:


  31. HELP says:

    Help do you know how to pass level 27!!!!

  32. mike says:

    how do i beat level 25 omg it is hard

  33. hotgirlwithbrowneyes says:

    i really need help on lvl 40 can any body give me advice!!!!

  34. nb says:

    level 32…hellp pleasee soo goddamn hard!!lol i need help

  35. bri says:

    i need help on 34 someone plz help!!!! i am getting pissed off at it!!!

  36. LAura says:

    How do i do Level 36 ,,,,,

  37. SophieElizabeth says:

    Help with 31 please :) <3

  38. Gina says:

    help i really need help with level 24 i dont get it theres nothing to put the block on! please help!

  39. ilana says:

    can someone PLEASE help me with level 27 PLEASE ive ben tryin for the past hour

  40. yo momma says:

    how the hell do you complete 24!!!!!!!!!! wtf its hard