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RedRedRed is a new “defend your base” shooter released a few days ago on Armorgames website, and according to its author, Case, the winner of their latest Flash contest.

Case probably developed the first non violent shooter of this type: indeed, the goal here is not to destroy all the dark red meteors that are attracted by your turret, but simply change their trajectory by using some bouncing balls!

Use your mouse to aim, and click to fire. Press the space bar to launch a larger and more powerful ball. Check your ammo bar and use your balls wisely.

A few power-ups are available from time to time, and a boss (a huge one!) appears once in a while.

You won’t probably spend hours with Red, but its surreal atmosphere, its simple gameplay and its really nice chilly-jazzy soundtrack put together make it a unique game. Don’t miss this one… and have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Arseniy says:

    It’s a surprise such a game(I don’t like it) get such a score.
    ? :\