Girls Room Escape

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Girls Room EscapeGirls Room Escape is a new Room Escape game created by Karla, the author of Seven Escape and Seven Escape 2. You will have to find the 9 letters  included in “girls room” which together will open the door. If you like pixel hunting, you are all set… Have fun!

Girls Room Escape walkthroughs in comments #1 and #8 (thanks Kimtastic! and vanni ogg!)

By Eric

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11 Comments to Girls Room Escape

  1. Kimtastic! says:

    Wow that was easy, up until you have to look for the G and I. You might wanna zoom in for that one.



  2. Kimtastic! says:

    Whoops. I meant to say chair, not table, for where you find the Show

  3. Kimtastic! says:

    And I meant Show

    It’s not my day today.

  4. vanni ogg says:

    first! easy so far. just missing G and I

  5. vicky says:

    i cant find them… any help???

  6. vicky says:

    where is L??

  7. vanni ogg says:

    you have to look very close for G and I, but now I’m out

  8. vanni ogg says:

    walkthrough (if needed)
    G: Show

    I: Show

    R: Show

    L: Show

    S: Show

    R: Show

    O: Show

    O: Show

    M: Show

  9. vanni ogg says:

    sorry kimtastic, my internet must be buggy today, because it didn’t show me your comments before.

  10. dmq says:

    no matter how much i click it won’t give me g or i

  11. Keyum says:

    yeah, the letters G & I, i would’ve never got w.out the help from the 1st post.. that was a little ridick!! thank you!